The pandemic has greatly changed the way we use technology, whether it sped things up or forced businesses into adopting new methods to be efficient on all fronts. And these new methods are all technology related. It could be remote work, no contact model businesses or even supply chain automation. To stay in the game, businesses need to be fully aware and to be able to adapt themselves to these new tech trends.

Here are the new 2022 trends to watch out for:

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

First, we’ll talk about one that’s been trendy for a couple of years now : cloud computing. However, we’ve included it because it is still trendy. Cloud has provided businesses more flexibility by giving a simple and secured access to their data. And this, 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

Forrester has reported the growth of container: a standalone unit of a software with defined parameters to run smoothly and easily a program, workload or a task: thanks to its capacity to run on multiple different systems or cloud infrastructures.

More and more businesses are keen to transition to a hybrid Cloud system. A hybrid system is when data is stored into a public Cloud and on a private Cloud.  Public means that data are stored on a Cloud provider’s data center shared among other clients. Private cloud IS they are stored on the company’s on-site data center. This could be a good compromise for a company that needs flexibility and secured management of their data.

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The “As a Service”

Recently, the “As a Service” added a new member  to its family: Network. Network as a Service or “NaaS” is a turnkey service of a fully integrated network infrastructure: hardware and software, licenses. The business won’t have to invest in a whole network infrastructure nor to update it. A service provider will oversee it for a monthly subscription fee, for example.
According to this report: this solution will be adopted more often and up to 50% of the data center could be part of a NaaS solution by 2024.

However, this family [As a Service] keeps growing up. Wouldn’t’ it be preferable to talk about Everything as a Service then? Everything as a Service or XaaS would bring the simplicity and flexibility that businesses would need. By bringing a fully managed infrastructure bundle, which would include network, software, platform and whatever else you’d need.

Virtual reality


In this next topic is one that is recently on evryone’s lips: the metaverse. Its’ a 3D digital space where people, places and things represented digitally. In this virtual space, it is possible to interact with other people, the environment and even objects. This is possible with the combination of 2 technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual technology.

The technology of Virtual Reality has been developed over the years mainly for video games. The theme was also popular in pop culture: movies, music, literature… But this virtual world now stretches to businesses as well. Whether it is to create a real experience in retail or e-commerce, to assist a sport game in a stadium as we would in real life, or even in a company that allows people to connect, collaborate and even share their experience in an immersive world.

Among these experience, one will definitely change how they’ll work : digital twins.
By creating a digital twin of their infrastructure, some manufacturers will be able to:

  • follow not only their production in real time,
  • create simulation,
  • predict the outcomes.

Illustration AI

Artificial intelligence: Business Intelligence and Generative AI

Fourth position in this list, Artificial intelligence. It has been a main concern for years and covers a lot of areas. So which would be the AI trends that could interest your business for the incoming months?

Businesses face new challenges every year and rely on data to make decisions. By incorporating Big Data in the risk management plan of your company, you’ll be able to optimize your financial revenue. Tools and efficient hardware are needed to help you to analyze this data and can reduce the uncertainties of the financial risk.

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A new form of AI made his entrance on the stage lately: generative AI. It is an intelligence that will allow computers to create new content from pre-existing content such as:

  • Articles,
  • Videos,
  • Pictures,
  • Animation
  • And more…

This could lead to a much greater creation as seen in generative design, where our partners at Autodesk helped one of their client to create a lighter structure.


Cybersecurity mesh

Cybersecurity is more than just a hot topic, more than ever it’s a reality. With remote work and remote access could compromise the security of an entire IT infrastructure. The reason lies in the access to external computers or data from outside the usual defined security perimeter.

To help in making sure all access is secure, a new approach has been developed by securing data only where it is the most necessary: cybersecurity mesh.

A smaller security perimeter is defined around each device or access point instead of having a unique and wide security perimeter that protects all the devices at once. Everything based on the user’s identity or around a specific object,

According to the Gartner’s report, the financial impact of individual security incidents should be reduced by around 90% in the companies that have adopted this new security architecture by 2024.

Illustration privacy

Privacy-enhancing computation

We have discussed the transition of businesses to Cloud, where there are public and private Cloud ecosystems, and you have the two combined in a hybrid form. The question to which we must answer is how is it secure?

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First, we know that it is difficult for a company to outsource its data on a “outside” data center. Especially,  when the stored data is in a center shared with other businesses.

Privacy is a priority.

Although it is not a new form of tech, with many opting for a migration to Cloud, The creation of Privacy-Enhancing Computation (PEC) was the response to the security and privacy issues that came up when sharing data.

PEC allows a business to share non personal or sensitive data with a third party, without the risk of sharing what you don’t want to share.

Illustration data fabric

Data fabric

Data Fabric is a new data management and integration architecture that give access to the right data at the right moment. It is possible thanks to its graph data model that can processes a great quantity of data and maintains it “fresh”.

The data fabric can analyze what data is being used and can recommends the pertinent data to be shared. It is a way for businesses to show their value

As the fabric automates and processes the data, it should cut in half human driven data management by 2024, according to the Gartner’s report.

How can you stay on top of your game?

Technology has changed a lot over these past 20 years and sometimes it is hard to keep it up when an entire system can change over the year, especially due to unforeseen circumstances and unprecedented times like we’ve experienced in the past few years.

Hypertec has been supporting businesses in their growth and helps to make sure that they are keeping up with new technology trends.

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