Over the past few years, data center infrastructure has become more complex in order to meet the needs of higher density servers and storage… But This has led to increased costs, reductions in efficiency, and a need for increased security.

In order to enhance agility and optimize costs, simplicity is the solution. Here are 5 ways to optimize the efficiency of your data center.

Optimize Your Data Center Space

Data centers built prior to server virtualization can become overloaded and therefore unsuitable for current equipment power demands, further reducing available space for expansion.

During the construction of a new data center, it is extremely important to consider a modular design. Modules can be regularly updated in phases in order to reduce downtime as part of a more flexible and organic data center design.

Putting Big Data at The Service of IT

Investing in infrastructure systems for monitoring and data collection – power, cooling, and other components –is not just valuable for day-to-day operations. Advanced analytics tools that leverage big data help data center managers optimize –environmental systems performance. Similarly, analytics can reduce maintenance costs by enhancing predictive maintenance planning and avoiding unplanned outages.

Optimize Air Conditioning Systems

Two main methods to optimize cooling:

1) In locations where the outdoor air temperature is suitable, reduce the use of air conditioning through the use of free air cooling.

2) Replace single speed motors with variable frequency drive (VFD) units, which reduces the total amount of energy consumed by adjusting speed to demand.

Optimize Energy Consumption

Data center compute requires a significant and reliable energy. Data center managers should examine hardware power consumption (payload power) closely With over Sixty percent [Gartner blog] of the payload consumed by servers, it is therefore crucial to look into options to reduce their energy consumption:

  • Clean up and eliminate workloads no longer needed.
  • Virtualize workloads whenever possible.
  • Remove IT hardware that has been decommissioned.
  • Replace old servers with newer, more energy-efficient ones.

Eliminate Inefficiencies in Data Center Power and Cooling

Obsolete power systems, Including transformers,  and uninterruptible power supplies, can negatively impact PUE  Assess current configuration and your future requirements. Upgrading with modern equipment requires significant capital investment and ample time to implement; however the result will be improved PUE and associated cost savings.

PUE figure

SOURCE: Guidance for Calculation of Efficiency (PUE) in Data Centers


There are definitely more than 5 ways to optimize your data center, but starting with these 5 steps will not only improve the performance of your data center, but will also contribute to your enterprise’s overall performance.
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