Hypertec helps international exchange organization, Deutsche Börse Group, bring quick results to their investors with their customizable hardware portfolio and expert support

How our entirely customizable solutions helped our partners across seas to deliver faster results and adapted our Intel-based hardware to their specific algorithms.

The challenge for Hypertec was to supply servers that optimally fit to Deutsche Börse Group’s T7 trading platform for cash and derivative markets. They have their core trading system T7, which covers derivatives, cash, commodities and is therefore in need of very specific servers for the most demanding workload within T7, the T7 matching engines.

Immersion Colling data center

The specific requirements of Deutsche Börse Group for the T7 matching engines result form required optimal fit of the application and the underlying server infrastructure to improve latency and throughput, and optimally supporting upgrades and modifications of their T7 software.

“We needed more cores for our matching engine servers and usually, this would mean less speed which we did not want to settle for. We were looking for a provider that could give us the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor, which was best suited for us with other attributes we like most, a turbo lock BIOs in place. This enabled us to run turbo locked all the time. In addition, we also needed the right form factor. In that case, the ORION was perfect for us. After the 2U rackmount servers were installed, we were given more flexibility with the extra PCI slots. We turned to Hypertec because they were able to provide us highly tuned servers with the right form factor for us.”

– Wolfgang Eholzer, CTO and Member of the Board of Eurex Frankfurt AG

Servers at Deutsche Borse

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