After several challenging years due to the pandemic, the crowds flocked to San Francisco for the 2023 Game Development Conference held from March 20 to 24, and it felt great to be back! The conference boasted over 1,000 speakers, 700 conferences and workshops, and more than 330 exhibitors showcasing their technologies and services on the expo floor. Hypertec’s Media & Entertainment team was there to meet them.

Visitors to Xencelabs‘ booth had the opportunity to witness first-hand how Hypertec’s KRONOS 205T workstation could handle any kind of creative workload. Powered by an AMD Ryzen™ 5000 processor, with up to 128GB of memory, and a high-performance liquid-cooled system, the KRONOS allows digital content creators to optimize their workflow associated with animation, VFX, editing, live streaming, and other demanding projects that require speed and performance.

“Hypertec is dedicated to optimizing the performance of every server or workstation we design and build for our M&E solutions. Our focus is specifically on enhancing workflow efficiency and performance to meet the media creation needs of our clients.” — David Bitton, Global Director of Media & Entertainment at Hypertec.

As Xencelab’s hardware partner in North America, Hypertec was invited to showcase its products at their booth and power their drawing tablets, including the recently launched Pen Display 24. The KRONOS and Xencelabs’ drawing tools were a powerful combination that allowed digital artists to create amazing 3D sculptures in ZBrush or stunning drawings in Photoshop.

“Our partnership with Xencelabs originated from our affinity with their team of artists, tech experts, and sales professionals with extensive backgrounds in the M&E industry. They offer outstanding products that significantly enhance the artists’ experience. The design is well thought out, the accessories are abundant, and the functionalities are exceptionally smooth,” said David.

Hypertec M&E Team at GDC23
From left to right, Pascal Favron, Sr. Technical Sales Specialist, Steve Broom, Sales Director and David Bitton, Global Director, Hypertec Media & Entertainment.

Overall, Hypertec’s participation at GDC 2023 was a success, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing high-performance and reliable computing solutions that enable creative professionals to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming and film industries. The conference also provided the M&E team with ample opportunities to network and connect with top video game and digital content studios looking for the best tools for their creative pros.

We’re already counting down the days until next year’s GDC! In the meantime, David and his team will continue their M&E pilgrimage at NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas from April 15-19, where they’ll meet with top players from the media and entertainment industries about operating M&E studios efficiently, with optimal power consumption, and in a sustainable manner.

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