2022 has been filled with remarkable innovation, rewarding growth, and a record number of new partnerships! Looking back, it seems to have gone by quite fast–yet we accomplished a lot. After almost two years without any presence at events, the trade shows of 2022 were a particular highlight for us.  We were delighted to travel again, attending conferences, speaking events, and engaging with our own community.  It was a prolific year of transformation for Hypertec, from winning the Intel Partner of the Year Award to launching the most innovative product for data centers. Here is a look at some of the milestones that Hypertec has achieved. 

Intel vision 2022

Launching the innovative CIARA TRIDENT Immersion Server line and being recognized as Intel Partner of the Year 

2022 was a year of product momentum! In May, we were honored to be named Intel Partner of the Year for High-Performance Computing (HPC) at Intel Vision 2022 in Dallas, TX. This distinction recognized our innovative solution with the introduction of the CIARA TRIDENT (needs a link to immersion cooling hub) immersed servers, the first of its kind, empowering our high-performance computing customers with sustainable, energy savings. 

The CIARA TRIDENT series has been designed for superior thermal management, enabling the data center to achieve high-efficiency standards, while providing OPEX and CAPEX savings. Better yet – because it is immersed in a cooling tank, it eliminates space and heat constraints. Our vertical design saves space and allows data centers to gradually scale up their computing capacities. And ease of access to the servers are ensured. They are engineered to accommodate any next-gen CPU, GPU and FPGA cards. And with our turbo-locked features, we guarantee superior performance, without sacrificing reliability or hardware lifespan. 

With the CIARA TRIDENT servers, our customers can increase the performance on scalable and non-scalable tasks by accelerating the existing hardware and saving significantly on energy use. 

Introducing Hypertec Cloud – Open and Secure Cloud for Enterprises 

2022 has also been a year of new beginnings! With our acquisition of Cloud.ca earlier this year, our customers can now make the promise of cloud real.  With this acquisition, we boost our engineering capabilities aimed at helping clients accelerate their transformations and derive greater value from their cloud investments.  It combines our solutions and expertise to deliver new cloud capabilities across multiple industries. We will be better able to empower customers in the FSI, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment markets through a combination of cloud services and our CIARA hardware. Hypertec Cloud will allow customers to deploy, scale, and manage containers or create and run customizable virtual machines at a better price performance over comparable offerings.    

Tradeshow Highlights  

Every year, we look forward to attending multiple trade shows and conferences! These events are a great opportunity to speak with our customers face-to-face, learn more about the challenges they’re encountering and understand how we can best serve the industry. Here are some of the most notable examples we’ve attended:  

Hypertec tank photos tradeshow

All along the way, Hypertec met with customers and clients, technology partners, press & media–all sharing an interest in advancements in computing, cloud services, and carbon reduction/energy consumption. 

We predict that 2023 will continue to drive innovations for all the market sectors we serve—requiring powerful workstation and server support, uniquely configured and sustainable via immersion cooling. 

Preparing for an even more eventful year in 2023, we do so with humility, curiosity, optimism, and gratitude. We have many exciting innovations, plans, partnerships and announcements coming, so we encourage you to keep following Hypertec.  

From all of us at Hypertec, we wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year as we all create a better, sustainable future. 

Get ultra-high density performance with CIARA TRIDENT immersion servers.  

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