It comes as no surprise that Media and Entertainment (M&E) is one of the fastest growing Industries in the past 20 years, however, due to the pandemic, the industry is projected to grow by more than 25% by 2025 according to a new report from the global consulting firm PwC.

The push to remote working and providing workers with digital accessibility is a huge reason for the increase in M&E solutions available today.

Why We Felt the Need to Invest

Being based in Montreal, Quebec – a city replete with artists, creators, animators, and many creative studios – Hypertec immediately saw the benefits of investing in the booming industry.

At Hypertec, our goal is to maximize what we do best, hire talented experts in the field, build strong relations with our partners, innovate and look to the future and create customizable solutions that fit our customers’ needs based on their different workloads.

Hypertec M&E experts

Our Dedication

In the past 2 years we have worked diligently to gather the right team, dedicate the right resources to workload-optimized infrastructure, and to fortify trusting relationships with the leading software partners in the industry. We have dedicated an entire Research and Development team to invest their time into new and innovative IT solutions that are customized specifically to the M&E industry.

Now, with our dedicated teams in place, and the roadmap being rolled out, we are ready to focus on the future of M&E.  

“It’s not just a service provider, it is a partnership. I know that when we have a problem the person in front of me is trying to help, and not just sell me something. They want to help me find a solution.” 

– Olivier Rakoto, Head of Studio, ON Animation

Solving ‘Tomorrow’ Issues

Looking to the future, we must look at problems that exist in the present. On the roadmap we have included in our mandate the following areas of focus:

We are wherever you are. We will expand and open offices across North America and Europe;

  • Invest in partnerships. Whether it is with existing software partners, like Autodesk, or hardware partners, like INTEL, NVIDIA, and AMD, working together will unlock new opportunities for our customers;
  • Workload-specific solutions over standard solutions. Investing in the correct hardware for specific workloads and creative projects and not assuming ‘one size fits all’ ;
  • No company is too small. Our industry experts are looking at tailored solutions – our advantage is that we can come up with a tailored solution not just for large companies, but for any size.
  • Save on cost and save the planet. Investing in recyclable and sustainability efforts to support the M&E environment.
  • A 360 solution for all your needs. We recently announced our new Business Units with IaaS/ Cloud, in order to keep up with the requirements of a remote and on-demand workforce.
If you missed our CLOUD services offer announcement, read more here

CIARA KRONOS product line

Hypertec Today

Hypertec is your end-to-end trusted partner that is looking to invest in your success and your development. We believe that when joining forces with excellent partners and hiring industry experts with over 20 years’ experience, there is no problem that we cannot look to solve with you.

We guarantee:

  • Access to unmatched technical & industry expertise, which includes production Workflow & Pipeline Expertise
  • Adaptable, flexible, reactive and customized solutions
  • Full portfolio of software, storage & peripherals
  • Competitive financing options for hardware and software
Check out our Media & Entertainment hub and get started with us today! 

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