For the seventh consecutive year, Hypertec is attending the Trading Show in Chicago, Wednesday and Thursday, September 28th –29th. Hypertec will be in booth 108.

The Trading Show takes place at Navy Pier Chicago, where algo trading, HPC, data, AI and digital assets showcase innovation and conduct business with premier institutional trading firms.

About The Trading Show

The Trading Show Chicago is an annual event that brings together cutting-edge products and solutions that highlight content and financial technology companies dedicated to the inclusion of high-performance computing, traditional and alternative data, machine learning, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

On Display from Hypertec

As an internationally recognized leader in high-performance computing (HPC), Hypertec will showcase two of its leading CIARA ORION HF low latency server and an array of CIARA TRIDENT servers purposely designed for immersion cooling system with our hardware partner Submer.

About CIARA ORION HF low latency server

In 2012, Hypertec was the one of the first HPC solutions innovators to offer low latency servers to the market, delivering more than 12,000 overclocked CIARA ORION HF today. Built specifically for high frequency trading (HFT), Quant Trading, Data Analytics, and Hyperscalers, these ultra-low latency and FPGA server solutions are designed for customization to meet exacting financial industry application needs.


Financial institutions’ datacenters are usually dedicated to research and development—requiring great amounts of energy for operation and cooling. As the world races to become carbon-neutral and reduce energy consumption, the Hypertec CIARA TRIDENT server with innovative immersion cooling make sustainability a unified feature in power consumption. The CIARA TRIDENT server is purposely built for immersion cooling and is not only sustainable, but it also increases efficiency and for a 360 Immersion Cooling solution that helps clients save on OPEX and CAPEX.

Our partner at The Trading Show: SUBMER

Our sustainable technology partner, Submer will display its immersion cooling Pod with the CIARA TRIDENT. The server blades will be submersed in a liquid solution, allowing show attendees to witness in real life the turnkey Immersion cooling solution and learn how they can save up to 96% on cooling energy expenses.

Meet our team

Meet the Hypertec team at The Trading Show 2022. Are you interested in seing a demo ? Book a meeting with one or our representatives today!

Hypertec team at The Trading Show

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