The recent decision by the Quebec government to follow the example of other jurisdictions across the country to deploy innovative hospital-at-home programs for patients, is an important step towards improving one of Canada’s greatest achievements, a free and accessible healthcare system for all citizens.

This initiative recognizes the importance of innovation in the evolution of the health care patient and provider experience. By investing in digital health and remote patient monitoring enabled hospital-at-home programs, the Government of Quebec is taking an important step towards enhancing access to care, improving health outcomes and health system efficiency, while reducing demand on overburdened clinicians.

Leveraging digital health and remote patient monitoring innovation to manage patient health at home has been proven successful in programs across the Canada and the United States.

With this commitment from the Government of Quebec, patients will now be able to recover in the comfort of their own homes, while having access to remote symptom monitoring and quality specialist care.

Remote monitoring allows healthcare providers to effectively manage patients who have undergone surgery, in-patient treatment or who have chronic conditions outside of the hospital setting. The technology used in these applications typically include tablets, smartwatches, cellular and Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, and other sensors designed to securely collect and transmit patient data in real time. These devices are designed to be easy for patients to use to ensure compliance with the programs.

The Government’s hospital-at-home investment will allow physicians and clinical staff to remotely monitor the patient’s condition by providing valuable vital sign, medication adherence and other health data to enable the proactive management of recovery or progression of a disease or condition outside of the hospital environment. This approach has proven to prevent complications, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve overall patient rehabilitation.

The hospital-at-home initiative is a decisive step towards reducing the pressure on hospital beds and clinical staff, by moving supported health care to the home, thereby relieving congestion in the system.  By leveraging technology, unnecessary hospital visits and readmissions will be minimized, resulting in savings for the Quebec healthcare system, enhanced health outcomes and improved patient and provider satisfaction.


Simon Ahdoot,
President of Medioh Health

Hypertec Group, and its health division Medioh, is a Montreal-based company and a global leader in the advanced technology sector.

With a presence in more than 80 countries, Hypertec is the logistics and scalability partner behind many of the largest digital health and remote patient monitoring initiatives across North America.

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