It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by! As we prepare to bid farewell, it’s time to reflect on Hypertec’s 2023 journey — a year marked by achievements and a commitment to innovation and sustainability. It’s been a whirlwind and as we approach the year’s end, we want to share some of the highlights that make us proud and express our gratitude to our employees, clients, partners, and the entire Hypertec community.

Product Launches: Pushing Boundaries in Performance

In May, Hypertec unveiled the ORION HF X410R-G6 powered by 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, redefining high-speed trading standards in the Financial Services Industry. Fueled by Intel® Xeon W-3400 and 2400 processors, these servers showcased a significant boost in memory speed, reinforcing our decade-long leadership in this exclusive space.

In June, our flagship immersion cooling TRIDENT iC Series welcomed the 6th Generation immersion-born servers. Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable 4th Generation and AMD EPYC’s 4th Generation processors, these servers embody our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, addressing power consumption challenges in data centers globally.

Strategic Collaborations: Building the Future Together

In early December, after months of anticipation, Hypertec proudly revealed a strategic collaboration with UVeye, a trailblazer in computer vision and AI, championing global innovation. This partnership centers on implementing UVeye’s automated drive-through inspection systems for vehicles. It holds special significance for us as it reinforces our dedication to global innovation, enabling us to leverage our engineering expertise and manufacturing track record to propel UVeye’s initiatives to new heights, while enhancing safety and security in the global automotive industry.

December also marked our ongoing support for our longstanding partner, Intel, as they once again unveiled a groundbreaking product: The Xeon® Scalable 5 th Gen processors. Hypertec and Intel have collaborated for decades, driven by a shared passion for innovation. Supporting these new processors, we take great pride in presenting a list of compatible Hypertec workload-optimized servers, positively impacting our shared global Data Center customers with advanced AI and HPC capabilities. This renewed collaboration concludes the year on a high note and stands out as a definite highlight of 2023.

Tradeshow Presence: Showcasing our Expertise Worldwide

February 2023 saw Hypertec’s debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, highlighting our immersion cooling solutions on the international stage. Then in the spring, from GDC to NAB and the International Animation Festival in Annecy, our Media & Entertainment team went on the road to showcase our high-performance KRONOS workstations specifically designed for demanding M&E workloads, sparking interest in the potential of immersion cooling solutions for Gaming, Animation, and VFX studios. In November at SC23 in Denver, we unveiled the world’s first immersion-born storage, the 1U CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6 server, to the HPC community, setting new standards in immersion cooling technology.

A heartfelt thanks to Submer and ASUS for hosting us at their booth during SC23. And special shoutout to Submer, our trusted partner since 2021, for their constant collaboration in developing high-density and sustainable immersion cooling solutions!

Awards and Recognitions: Acknowledging Excellence

A little recognition never hurt anyone, and we take genuine pride in receiving two special awards this year. Firstly, the EcoVadis Sustainability Leadership Awards 2023 named us Best Performer – The Americas, a testament to our commitment to global sustainability practices. This acknowledgment not only validates our ongoing efforts but also fuels our motivation to continue making a difference.

The second award came as a nice surprise during Hypertec’s first-ever participation in les Mercuriades, one of Quebec’s most prestigious business competitions. Winning the award for Best Innovative Manufacturer/Large Enterprise among 88 finalists in 17 categories. This award not only recognizes our achievements but also shines a spotlight on our role as an economic leader and contributor to the Quebec and Montreal economies, opening doors to new business opportunities in our home province.

Appointments: New Leadership for Medioh

Another significant moment in 2023 was the appointment of Jean-François Rioux as President of Medioh, Hypertec’s healthcare division. Jean-François’s appointment supports Medioh’s growth plan to become a leader in logistics services for Remote Patient Monitoring programs in North America, addressing specific needs within the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Looking Ahead: A Glance into 2024

As we prepare to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2024, Hypertec is ready for another exciting year. Driven by our commitment to excellence and a vision for a more sustainable future, our journey of innovation continues. Thank you to our employees, clients, and partners for being part of it.

Wrapping up 2023, the entire Hypertec team wishes you a healthy and prosperous new year. Cheers to a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand!

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