As we saw in our earlier blog article about the SC23 conference, the world is waking up to the importance of immersion cooling in data centers. After years of hope, it’s becoming clear to everyone from hyperscalers to colocation companies to enterprises that we are moving into a world where air cooling is becoming obsolete, and data centers are gradually becoming more sustainable. 

And the market agrees. Depending on which analyst you ask, you’ll find that liquid cooling is becoming a mainstream technology that’s growing at a double-digit CAGR. One analyst, Acumen Research, thinks the market will be worth $13.6 billion USD by 2030. 

At Hypertec, we’re part of the reason this market is growing. 

You might describe our strategy as “skating to where the puck will be,” which seems appropriate for a Canadian company! Though we started providing direct-to-chip liquid cooling in 2010, a few years ago, we saw that the market for immersion cooling was growing, mainly because it solved intractable problems other cooling technologies couldn’t. It became clear to us that processors were getting hotter than ever before, that pressures from regulators were making it harder and more expensive to use refrigerant-based air cooling at scale, and that organizations wanted alternatives that brought superior performance, resilience, sustainability, and value. 

So, we created “immersion-born” servers. 

What do we mean by “immersion born”? 

If you purchase an immersion-cooled server from another vendor, who has a long track record of building air-cooled servers, chances are you are purchasing a server that started off as an air-cooled server and has been modified to work with immersion cooling. That’s how the largest vendors in the world provide support for immersion cooling, because at this point, 90+% of their server revenues are still tied to air cooling. Most of their R&D money goes into building air-cooled servers, and immersion cooling is an afterthought. 

As Patrick Scateni, our Chief Evangelist and VP of Global Sales says, this is “like taking your father’s Chevrolet, changing the wheel, changing the brakes, changing the turbo, and then calling it a race car.” 

At Hypertec, we are immersion-cooled first and only. All our R&D goes into improving the performance, reliability, and value of immersion-cooled servers. With the recent launch our 6th generation of immersion-born servers, we have established a track record that other vendors can’t match. This remakable track record is the result of deploying solutions for customers across a wide range of environments and use cases, consistently delivering value. 

Unlike vendors who are “changing the brakes” on their air-cooled servers, we’re able to:

  • Deliver a 95% reduction in cooling OPEX 
  • Increase server density by 10x 
  • Cut CAPEX build costs by 50% 
  • Increase hardware lifespan by 30% 
  • Reuse 99% of heat 
  • Reduce water consumption to ZERO. 

 To date, Hypertec has successfully deployed over 250,000 cores cooled by immersion technology. Our field experience is second to none, and that lets us drive improvements across our product range while others are guessing and trying to keep up.

We’ve become a premier provider of cutting-edge, high-density, sustainable solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

To discover the capabilities of immersion-born servers, visit the Immersion Cooling Hub on our website. 

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