This article is based on VP of Global Engineering Darcy Letemplier’s pre-launch presentation to Hypertec employees unveiling our new flagship product, the ORION HF X410R-G6 server. 

In the fast-paced and competitive financial services industry (FSI), meeting customers’ workload requirements is a constant challenge. Over the last 10 years, Hypertec has embarked on a journey to design and develop products specifically tailored to the needs of FSI customers. With a particular focus on High Frequency Trading (HFT), Hypertec, through its customer-centric approach and personalized service, has successfully overcome technical challenges and distinguished itself from competitors in that space. 

Venturing into the Finance Space

Around 2011-2012, Hypertec first stepped into the finance industry, gathering information about the landscape, aiming to create a product that would differentiate the company from other hardware players already present in the field such as Dell and HP. By actively listening to customer feedback and identifying significant pain points related to performance, reliability, and stability, our team undertook a mission to create a solution capable of handling highly demanding tasks that were previously challenging to accomplish.

Addressing the Challenges

The finance industry, particularly High Frequency Trading (HFT), presented unique challenges. With trading now conducted electronically, the focus shifted to the speed of transactions. Hypertec’s customers wanted low latency, stable systems capable of handling high volumes of trades. However, this need for speed had to be balanced with stability and reliability, two crucial factors in the enterprise space. To meet these demands, Hypertec explored overclocking, a popular technique with gamers. By pushing existing technology, specifically the CPU, to its limit, Hypertec aimed to achieve unprecedented speed without compromising stability. The company also adopted liquid cooling, to ensure the CPU remained cool under high-performance loads.

Overcoming Performance Obstacles

The journey toward creating an enterprise-class product came with its fair share of obstacles. One major challenge was achieving the delicate balance between performance and stability. Hypertec recognized that each HFT client had unique requirements, with some willing to accept higher risks for maximum speed. By working closely with customers, Hypertec tailored its solutions to meet their specific needs, differentiating itself from competitors. Another obstacle was managing these high-performance systems remotely. HFT clients needed their systems to be continuously operational, capable of detecting and alerting any issues promptly.  

Hypertec took up the challenge by designing a product that included management features, allowing remote monitoring and failure detection. This level of proactive management was essential in the finance industry, where time is money. Moreover, Hypertec tackled the challenge of minimizing jitter, a critical factor in achieving ultra-low latency trading. By optimizing their platform and eliminating unnecessary interruptions, Hypertec created an environment where tasks could be executed with minimal delay. These improvements significantly enhanced the speed and efficiency of trading operations. 

The ORION HF X410R-G6: A Leap Forward  

Hypertec’s commitment to innovation led to the development of multiple generations of high frequency ORION servers. Initially, Hypertec modified consumer-type products to meet enterprise requirements. However, we soon started designing our own motherboards, ensuring greater control and customization. These continuous improvements and close collaboration with customers allowed Hypertec to stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology landscape. 

Fastest Orion High Frequency Server

The latest addition to Hypertec’s product lineup, the ORION HF X410R-G6 server launched on May 16, represents a significant advancement.  Designed to be the fastest and most efficient low latency server for the HFT industry, the server also has the potential to cater to a broader range of workloads beyond HFT, including AI applications and complex data analyses. 

The ORION HF X410R-G6 server sets a new standard for high-speed trading and enabling trading firms to continuously overclock their systems, ensuring superior performance that’s faster and more stable – guaranteed by Hypertec. 

Featuring the new Intel Xeon® Scalable 4th Generation Processor, it includes some key performance enhancements: 

  • High CPU Core speed – New Generation 1U server equipped with (5) PCI/e Gen5 and up to 20 Cores Overclocked to 5.0GHz  
  • 77% memory speed increase – Supports up to 6400 MHz DDR5 (Overclocked) 
  • 5 PCIe in a 1U server.
New ORION HF X410R-G6 server memory
Our fastest ORION High Frequency Server

Looking Towards the Future 

Looking back at the past 10 years, we’re proud of Hypertec’s journey in revolutionizing the finance industry. By listening to our customers and addressing specific workload requirements, we successfully overcame the challenges of speed, stability, and remote management. Through the integration of overclocking and liquid cooling technologies, Hypertec has pushed the boundaries of performance without compromising stability. Our commitment to continuous innovation and collaboration has resulted in the evolution of the ORION product line, culminating in the new ORION HF X410-G6 server. With its enhanced capabilities and potential for diverse workloads, Hypertec’s success story continues to shape the finance industry and pave the way for future advancements. 

Hypertec’s ORION HF X410R-G6 is available for purchase now. For more information, please visit  


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