Raynault VFX, a premier visual effects studio located in Montreal, known for its work in feature films and episodes, was in search of a high-performance Cloud infrastructure to meet its demanding rendering needs. To address this challenge, Hypertec Cloud proposed a custom solution tailored specifically to their requirements. By providing dedicated AMD servers with 256 cores, Hypertec Cloud enabled Raynault VFX to acquire the computing power necessary to handle the increased demands for rendering.

“Previously, we needed 104 machines to handle all our tasks and projects. Now, we only require a stable 50. This change doesn’t affect our operations because these nodes are so fast,” said Simon Ouellet, CTO of Raynault VFX. “We don’t split them using virtual machines; instead, we run several processes simultaneously on each machine. We manage resources per command rather than virtualizing them,” said Ouellet.

Reflecting on Hypertec’s cloud solution resolving Raynault’s rendering backlog, said Simon Ouellet added: ‘This is a powerful solution. With 256 cores per node, it’s fast. Our artists have never seen anything faster in the VFX industry. I’m confident we have the best rendering solution.”

Overcoming Limitations: Raynault VFX’s Search for Scalability

Raynault VFX, a specialized studio in visual effects and post-production, relied on a small local rendering farm to meet its power demands in designing, creating, and successfully delivering hundreds of technically and aesthetically complex VFX shots for various large-scale projects. Founded in 2011, the company experienced rapid growth, and in 2016, transitioned to a cloud-based service to manage its rendering needs. As the number of requests began to significantly increase, the studio found that the previous provider struggled to meet its requirements, especially concerning scalability and the ability to handle rendering bursts.

The limitations of their former provider led Raynault VFX to seek a solution that offers quick server replacement, additional capacity to handle peaks, and fast response times for support. They needed a provider capable of ensuring stability, meaning the ability to operate 60 machines continuously and scale up to an additional 40 as needed.

Accelerating Render Speed: The Hypertec Advantage

Following previous mixed experiences, Raynault VFX had modest expectations at the beginning of the project. Fortunately, the collaboration with Hypertec Cloud quickly dispelled their doubts. Indeed, the superior speed offered by the Hypertec Cloud solution allowed the studio to reduce the number of continuously required systems from 104 to only 50, surpassing their expectations. Their efficiency was also improved, enabling the team to perform 10 tasks per system, a substantial increase compared to their previous capacity of a single task per system.

Leveraging Hypertec’s ORION RS515D-G5C-12M210G, Raynault VFX now operates with 42 nodes using AMD 256 core nodes with 512GB RAM, and an additional 8 nodes with 1024GB RAM, amounting to a total of 50 nodes.

With Hypertec’s solution, Raynault VFX saw a more than twofold increase in rendering speed compared to their previous setup. By distributing resources, they were able to utilize them more efficiently, resulting in faster overall rendering. This led to quicker iterations and reduced turnaround times for clients.

Maximizing Performance and Value: High-Core Servers and Dark Fiber Connectivity

Despite initial challenges in adapting to the managed services model from direct bare metal access, Hypertec Cloud ensured smooth operations. Hypertec addressed Raynault VFX’s requirements by providing a custom solution with dedicated high-core count servers (256 cores per server) connected via dark fiber. This setup significantly empowered Raynault VFX and exceeded their expectations in terms of speed. They were also impressed by the timely completion of the project. Our Hypertec team, skilled in cloud solutions and backed by industry experience, provided responsive 24/7 support. The farms were no longer constantly full, and most jobs finished quickly. As a result, Raynault VFX’s productivity significantly increased.

Scalability on Demand

Raynault VFX can now confidently deliver on-time rendering, even with last-minute changes. The systems, primarily used for processing power, have significantly boosted their productivity. They have seen notable improvements in their rendering speed and efficiency, allowing them to better serve their clients.

Hypertec Cloud’s solution enabled Raynault VFX to optimize their rendering processes, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced turnaround times. The dedicated servers offered the necessary resources to handle complex rendering tasks, allowing Raynault VFX to deliver high-quality visual effects to their clients within tight deadlines.

Improved Productivity: The Hypertec Impact

“Working with Hypertec Cloud gives us visibility in terms of scalability. In other words, if we’re looking to grow significantly, we know we have the rendering capacity to do so,” said Simon Ouellet, CTO of Raynault VFX.

Furthermore, Hypertec Cloud’s custom solution provided Raynault VFX with scalability and flexibility. As their rendering needs evolved and expanded, Hypertec ensured that the infrastructure could easily accommodate the growing demands without compromising performance.

By partnering with Hypertec Cloud, Raynault VFX was able to focus on their core business of creating stunning visual effects, knowing that their rendering infrastructure was in capable hands. Hypertec Cloud’s dedication to delivering a tailored solution that precisely met Raynault VFX’s requirements highlights their commitment to providing exceptional service and support.

If your business has unique and demanding IT requirements, Hypertec can help. With expertise in designing and delivering customized solutions, Hypertec Cloud can provide the high-performance infrastructure needed to meet your specific requirements.



Whether you’re starting to build a cloud-native studio or looking to expand your existing infrastructure, Hypertec Cloud has got you covered.

M&E cloud solutions benefits:

  • Performance-Optimized
  • Powerful dedicated CPUs and GPUs for your rendering requirements
  • High-performance workstations with dedicated GPUs benefit remote workers
  • Ability to scale to your evolving needs
  • Affordable fast-block storage and object storage.

End-to-End Service Provider:

  • All products under one roof
  • One Interface/API to manage your infrastructure
  • Bundle hardware, software, and services for a custom solution
  • Ultimate cloud flexibility for your hybrid cloud

Continuous Security:

  • Point-to-point connectivity with all major providers
  • Dedicated infrastructure solutions available
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance
  • Hosted in Tier 3+ data centers.

To discuss your needs and explore how Hypertec Cloud solutions can drive your business forward, visit : cloud.hypertec.com

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