Hypertec introduces a new core-accelerated server to its successful ORION product line, designed specifically to maximize performance and efficiency on industry-standard architectures. The CX410R-G6 delivers the same exceptional performance and reliability known in our ORION products, but with heightened stability, making it a compelling choice for financial firms, data scientists, engineers, and creatives.

With a proven track record of engineering excellence, Hypertec maintains its position as the preferred partner for the Financial Services Industry (FSI). We are excited to introduce our newest addition to the leading product line, the ORION CX410R-G6, a cutting-edge, accelerated compute server designed to meet the evolving needs of demanding users. This ORION CX410R-G6 has been professionally tuned by our Acceleration and Optimization Team (AOT) to accommodate users with diverse requirements, ensuring optimal performance and increased reliability.

The perfect tool for speed and power
Hypertec’s journey in the financial services industry has been defined by a decade of commitment to research and development, technical expertise, and a customer-centric approach. Our recent HF X410R-G6 server launch has received positive feedback from users who prioritize speed, establishing a new industry benchmark.

Expanding upon this success, we have designed the CX410R-G6 to meet the specific needs of who demand speed while also pursuing an optimal balance between performance and reliability. The CX410R-G6 can also be a solid option for workflows that require significant CPU cores (up to 56) and more PCIe lanes (up to 112).

This server is perfectly suited for complex workloads such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), facilitating the acceleration of training and inference of AI models, and other types of matrix multiplication workloads, thriving with denser data structures thanks to Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions. With its innovative compute architecture designed to optimize CPU performance across workloads, creatives, engineers, and data scientists can operate at their peak.

The CX410R-G6 is based on Intel’s latest Xeon® W-3400 processor series, demonstrating Hypertec’s ongoing commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the needs and requirements of the financial industry. It provides FSI professionals with double the core counts over the previous generation of Intel® Xeon® W-3300 processors, thereby enhancing the management of compute-intensive, highly-threaded workflows more effectively. Simultaneously, with CPU speeds reaching up to 4.8 GHz using Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, the system can optimize core performance on-demand for lightly-threaded applications, improving overall system responsiveness.

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Performance and stability: CX410R-G6
The ORION CX410R-G6 is a high-performance server that offers substantial processing power. It has been designed to yield performance and high stability. This intentional engineering decision enhances reliability, providing processing power for deep learning applications and financial data analysis, without the caution typically associated with systems pushed to the limits. The CX410R-G6 is specifically optimized for applications in AI and Machine Learning. It provides the high-speed processing necessary to manage even the largest and most complex data sets.

Whether it’s collecting data, adding annotations, training models, or assessing results, the CX410R-G6 leverages the extensive parallel processing capability offered by GPUs to efficiently handle analyzing, training, and evaluation tasks at extremely high speeds. With multi-GPU configurations, you can process vast data sets faster, making it easier to create AI models that outperform other computing forms.

Why you should invest in the CX410R-G6
If you are a data analyst in search of a server solution that perfectly balances performance and reliability, look no further than the CX410R-G6. This 1U server caters to a wide range of trading firms, delivering top speed while addressing the specific needs of those who prioritize stability and consistency in their trading operations. Additionally, for colocation services striving to offer premium solutions to their clients without escalating costs, the CX410R-G6 emerges as a cost-effective alternative compared to its competitors.

AI and Machine Learning workloads are revolutionizing various operations in today’s finance industry. They minimize human errors, increase time efficiency, and reduce workloads, making them cost-effective and bias-free. The CX410R-G6 is designed to streamline these workloads, such as managing larger data sets, ensuring smoother and more efficient operations.

Elevate your trading operations with a server that blends speed and stability, meticulously designed to excel in the dynamic world of financial trading. To learn more about the ORION CX410R-G6, visit: https://hypertec.com/ciara/rack-mount-server/orion-cx410r-g6/

Partner with Hypertec for unmatched performance and reliability tailored to your unique trading needs.

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