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Recently, the Hypertec team completed four exciting and successful days in the beautiful city of Vancouver at the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference. SIGGRAPH is the largest international community of academic researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals dedicated to the advancement of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Hypertec's team at siggraph

SIGGRAPH 2022 Hypertec showcased:

  • CIARA TRIDENT submersion cooling solution and its high performanceKRONOS workstations
  • Featured partners that contribute to the Hypertec 360-custom solutions
  • Optimized Cloud acceleration options

Each day, crowds gathered around the Hypertec immersion cooling tank supplied by our partner, Submer.

Hypertec at siggraph 2022

All the VFX production studios, creative labs, and businesses in media and entertainment (M&E) the Hypertec team met with had one shared mandate: reduce carbon footprint, find sustainable, green alternatives to cooling their server and render farms, and optimize computing power. Hypertec was able to answer this need and demonstrate the energy savings and computing efficiency with its CIARA TRIDENT immersion cooling display.

Immersion cooling showcase SIGGRAP 2022

Customer and Partner Activities

The Hypertec team met with a vast list of media & entertainment studios, clients, and new business leads during the show.

The highlight of our partnerships was providing computing power at the PIXAR Renderman Challenge on Wednesday night. PIXAR recognized the capabilities of the Hypertec KRONOS workstation, which PIXAR Tech teams described as “too fast”. Hypertec increased visibility on the radar and advanced its awareness exponentially this week at SIGGRAPH.

Pixar Renderman Challenge SIGGRAPH 2022

Press and Media Coverage

We completed seven press meetings, hosted by Eliot Ahdoot and David Bitton. Three captured video footage for their SIGGRAPH show reports, including an interview with Randi Altman from PostPerspective and Karen Moltenbrey from Jon Peddie Reports for Gfxspeak, Karen Moltenbrey from Jon Peddie Reports form Gfxspeak, and Jean Christophe Rodier from 3DVF.

Our liquid immersion cooling showcase was so popular with the public, our customers, and press–YouTube tech show Linus Tech Tips filmed a special demonstration episode dedicated to the Hypertec liquid immersion cooling platform. The channel has 14.7 million subscribers. The episode was published on August 16 and we are thrilled to report that is has already reached 1.4 million viewers!

Hypertec media coverage Siggraph 2022

The team worked very hard leading up this event to create a world-class representation for Hypertec in Media and Entertainment. Follow us on our social media channels to see more highlights and press coverage from SIGGRAPH 2022.

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That’s a Wrap for SIGGRAPH 2022!

Hypertec's booth siggraph 2022

Our deepest thanks to SIGGRAPH for hosting the show and to all the people that visited our booth during these 3 amazing days.

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