As previously discussed on our blog, the world is waking up to the implications of immersion cooling. IT vendors are increasingly developing immersion cooling hardware, organizations are deploying immersion cooling at a growing rate, and demanding workloads, especially the intensive ones like high-frequency trading and AI, are running on hardware that’s immersion cooled. 

 It’s easy to see why. Hypertec, as one of the market leaders in immersion cooled servers, can deliver benefits that include:

  • A 95% reduction in cooling OPEX 
  • 10x increase in server density 
  • 50% CAPEX build costs reductions 
  • 30% hardware lifespan increase 
  • 99% heat reuse 
  • ZERO water consumption. 

 While the increased density and efficiency of immersion cooling are major drawcards, four hidden benefits offer organizations other impactful advantages: 

  1. Rethinking space: Immersion cooling unlocks a 10x increase in data center density. Squeezing 10 times the computing power into your existing space translates to:
  • 10x more computing in a single building 
  • Potentially shrinking data center footprint by 90% 
  • Greater flexibility in building selection, opening doors to previously unsuitable locations. 

No more struggling with cramped facilities or exorbitant new construction costs. Immersion cooling lets organizations leverage existing space, expand strategically, and optimize their budget. 

  1. Rethinking cost: Beyond density, immersion cooling slashes both capital and operational expenses (CAPEX and OPEX). Lower costs mean:
  • Increased budget flexibility: Organizations can invest in bigger facilities, additional facilities, or other strategic initiatives. 
  • Operational cost relief: Having a way to reduce operating expenses eases cost pressures during downturns or due to rising commodity/labor costs. 

The cost-efficiencies of immersion cooling translate directly to the bottom line, freeing up resources for essential investments. 

  1. Rethinking heat: Immersion cooling doesn’t just capture waste heat; it turns it into a revenue stream. Organizations can go beyond basic space heating, exploring possibilities like:
  • Reselling hot water to industrial sites: Data centers become micro-utilities, earning revenue from their waste heat. 
  • Providing hot water for district heating in metropolitan areas.  
  1. Rethinking ESG: In today’s sustainability-conscious world, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives matter to as many as 88% of publicly traded companies. Data centers, unfortunately, often carry a water-guzzling reputation that’s well deserved, and environmental groups are trying to shut down new data center builds because water is often in short supply. 

Immersion cooling breaks that mold with its zero-water consumption. It’s a pollution-free, resource-efficient cooling solution that aligns perfectly with corporate ESG goals. Organizations that choose immersion cooling stand out as sustainable leaders while enjoying the operational benefits of immersion cooling. 

To wrap up, by going beyond the surface benefits, organizations can unlock the true potential of immersion cooling. It’s not just about density or efficiency; it’s about space optimization, cost savings, revenue generation, and environmental leadership.  

At Hypertec, we’re leaders in helping organizations like yours uncover the hidden advantages of immersion cooling. We’ve become a top-tier of cutting-edge, high-density, sustainable solutions for the most intensive workloads, including high-performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Our products, solution expertise, and partnerships mean that we’ve become a trusted advisor for companies wanting to solve intractable problems with their data centers. 

To learn more about the Hypertec difference, visit our Immersion Cooling Hub. 

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