In the high-speed, high-stakes realm of finance, precision and performance are non-negotiable. For IT managers in trading firms, hedge funds, market makers, brokerages, and data vendors, the challenge is clear: Arm your traders with technology that can respond to opportunities faster than the blink of an eye. That is where the AlveoTM UL3524 accelerator card and the Orion HF X410R-G6 server come in.

The Power of Ultra-Low Latency Trading
The Alveo UL3524 accelerator card, a product already trusted by leading trading firms, takes electronic trading to new heights. Powered by a custom 16 nm Virtex Ultra Scale + FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), this card delivers a staggering 7X latency improvement over earlier generations, achieving sub-3ns FPGA transceiver latency for accelerated trade execution. This ultra-low latency, coupled with the flexibility of FPGA acceleration, enables traders to power up their custom trading algorithms, minimize slippage, and execute trades with laser precision.

Adapting Swiftly to Market Shifts
The financial landscape is ever-changing, and adaptability is a critical survival trait. With FPGA acceleration, traders can tweak their algorithms to match dynamic market conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming hardware changes. This agility keeps traders one step ahead, ensuring they are always ready to pivot when the market does.

Versatility at its Best
The Alveo UL3524 does not limit itself to just one function. It excels in:

  • Pre-Trade Risk Management: The card enables real-time risk assessment, ensuring trades follow predefined risk limits before execution. This proactive approach helps avoid catastrophic losses and regulatory issues.
  • Market Data Delivery: In the world of trading, information is power. The card processes and delivers massive volumes of market data with minimal latency, giving traders the edge, they need.
  • High-Frequency Trading: When it comes to high-frequency trading, speed is king. The card supplies the rapid response needed to seize fleeting market opportunities and outstrip competitors.
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Alveo UL3524 accelerator card

Optimized High-Frequency Server – Creating the Optimal Performance Environment

ORION HF X410R-G6 server

The Orion HF X410R-G6 is the first compatible server on the market with the AlveoTM UL3524 card, complements this advanced technology. It features a custom cooling system that fits perfectly into a 1U server form factor. “Our engineers designed the HF X410R-G6 to extract the best out of the capabilities and speed of the AlveoTM UL3524 platform, tailoring our solution to the most demanding low-latency tasks,” said David Lim, Director of Product Marketing at Hypertec.

Hypertec has engineered an optimal ecosystem to maximize the potential of the AlveoTM UL3524 card:

  • Custom Cooling System: This system maintains optimal temperature control, preventing overheating and ensuring peak performance.
  • High-Pressure Fans: These fans ensure efficient heat dissipation, guaranteeing consistent performance even under high-load conditions.
  • Custom Air Shroud: This clever design maximizes airflow to the Network Interface Card (NIC), enhancing cooling efficiency.
  • Internal Chassis Reinforcement: Structural enhancements provide additional durability and stability.
  • Thermal Sensing Cables: These cables monitor and control temperature levels, crucial in high-performance applications.
  • Internal USB Connectors: These simplify the programming and configuration processes for the NIC, streamlining maintenance.

The AlveoTM UL3524 card has is perfectly tailored for the most demanding trading environments. It is designed to be fully compatible with the latest high-frequency trading server benchmarks. When paired with the Orion HFX410R-G6, equipped with an overclocked Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor up to 5 GHz, it delivers a lightning-fast, ultra-low latency solution for high-frequency trading. The Ultra-Low Latency FPGA Accelerator Card is not just another advancement in high-performance trading technology. It is a revolution. It enables swift trade execution, proactive risk management, and real-time access to market data.

The fusion of hardware acceleration, FPGA flexibility, and low-latency networking is reshaping the financial industry, offering a competitive edge previously unattainable. This technology does not just overcome the limitations of microseconds; it turns them into a source of unmatched competitive advantage. Welcome to the future of trading.

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