We’re still on cloud nine from our first experience at Viva Technology, the world’s rendezvous for startups and tech leaders to accelerate innovation and address global challenges. Returning from Paris, where we took part in the 7th edition of VivaTech from June 14th to 17th at Porte de Versailles, we can’t help but look back at this opportunity. And to top it all off, Elon Musk was there to make it even more special!

Viva Technology 2023
Viva Technology 2023

This year’s VivaTech was the best edition yet, with a record 150,000 attendees from around the world, representing 174 countries. The event boasted an impressive lineup of 2,800 exhibitors showcasing their solutions and initiatives, alongside 11,400 startups and 450 speakers. The virtual reach was also impressive, with 919 million people on social networks and 5 million viewers tuning in to the VivaTech News channel. This was significant exposure for Hypertec and our innovative immersion cooling solutions.

For Hypertec, the VivaTech journey started in early May when Orange Silicon Valley named us as one of the five winners of their Green IT Challenge 2023, recognizing our sustainable immersion cooling solutions. Thanks to the Green IT Challenge, we received an invitation to fly to Paris and showcase our innovative solutions at VivaTech.

Eliot Ahdoot, Hypertec’s Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer was at the Orange booth to present our cutting-edge immersion cooling solutions. It was a golden opportunity for us to connect with fellow visionaries and thought leaders, engaging in discussions aimed at identifying and implementing the best practices needed to make the tech industry more sustainable. Given that data centers are notorious for their energy-intensive nature, and their numbers continue to rise each year, immersion cooling addresses two of the most pressing challenges faced by data centers globally: reducing energy consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint.

Hypertec's Team at VivaTech

Joining Eliot Ahdoot at VivaTech were André Lamarre, Executive Vice President of Hypertec, and David Bitton, our Global Director of Media & Entertainment. Together, they engaged with other major corporations, public organizations, policymakers, and forward-thinking investors who share our passion for leveraging innovative technologies to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

We would like to express our gratitude to Orange Silicon Valley once again for recognizing our immersion cooling expertise, and for granting us this opportunity to participate in Viva Technology. The event served as a powerful platform to engage with leading visionaries and innovators, fostering our position as an industry leader in innovation and a pioneer in sustainable technologies like immersion cooling. We would also like to thank the entire Viva Technology team, Orange, and all the attendees who visited our booth.

Stay tuned for more event updates!

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