CIARA Obtains e-Stewards Certification

FOR RELEASE January 20th 2015

Montreal, QC – January 20, 2015 – CIARA, a global technology provider that specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, integration and support of cutting-edge technology products and services, has obtained the e-Stewards certification. The e-Stewards certification was born a decade ago in response to the growing amount of electronic wastes, which, if not handled properly, may constitute a threat to global environmental health. The Basel Action Network developed the certification, now known as the industry’s strictest standard. By having obtained this certification, CIARA will now have the ability to manage and coordinate the recycling of all of the products it currently markets and sells as well as a slew of other IT products.

“We are very pleased to have obtained the e-Stewards certification”, said Patrick Scateni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CIARA. “This certification will further help our customers manage their product lifecycle and ultimately facilitate IT infrastructure replacement and upgrades using our recycling services to easily and safely dispose of their obsolete hardware”.

The certification is only attributed to institutions that can track the entire route by which electronics are disposed of. It ensures that the recycling of electronics is not only compatible with local laws, but that it is also performed in a way that protects the environment and maximizes the reuse of materials beyond the minimal requirements.

“Whether it is through our ISO 14001 certification or the manufacturing of energy efficient servers, at CIARA, we have always worked to incorporate environmentally friendly initiatives into the design and manufacturing of our products and services and we are proud to know that our practices are now officially recognized by the best in the industry”, added Scateni.


Founded in 1984, CIARA is a global technology provider that specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, integration and support of computer products. With its vast range of products including personal computers, enterprise servers and storage, HPC systems, High Frequency Trading servers, OEM/ODM services and with a current production capacity of up to 1,000,000 systems per year, CIARA is considered to be one of the largest system manufacturers in North America. The company’s products are employed worldwide by organizations small to large in the sectors of finance, aerospace, engineering, transportation, energy, government, education and defense.

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