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Wholesale Colocation Services Built With
Your Workloads In Mind

The evolution of technology infrastructure – servers, storage, network devices plus the software and applications that run on them – is faster than ever. However, most colocation providers who build and operate data centers to house this technology are simply unable to keep up.

The culprit: colocation providers who design critical mechanical and electrical infrastructure that is out of tune with current and future server, storage and network hardware technology. Instead, they rely on current real estate and data center industry standards.

Organizations who seek to leverage colocation to grow their business have no other choice but to select hardware that fits only within the design constraints of the colocation providers.

Hardware acquisition costs can represent between 4 and 8 times the total amount spent on colocation during an average hardware lifecycle. The losses related to these inefficiencies are staggering.

Hypertec has designed and manufactured cutting-edge servers and storage for more than 33 years. Ten of those years devoted to the design, build and operation of world-class wholesale colocation facilities. Together, this translates into a powerful approach to optimize our data centers with the hardware of today and tomorrow and still adhere to strict industry standards for data center security and uptime.

Clients enjoy an unparalleled flexibility to host modern hardware and deploy ultra-high, power-density racks and liquid-cooled servers configured to best match their specific workloads or applications. Talk about real efficiencies for significantly lower costs.

Versatile Infrastructure for Diverse Workloads


Built for cloud services, mobile e-commerce, video streaming and online video gaming applications.


Built for enterprise hybrid cloud applications, including database, e-mail, ERP, online applications data analytics.

and Analytics

Built for CPU and GPU
rendering of video and
Artificial (AI) applications.

Test, Development
and Labs

For development, benchmarking, scientific, test, and laboratory applications.

Driving Cost Efficiency Through Workload-Optimized Design

Workload Optimized Design

Leverage our hardware and software expertise for unique colocation solutions per specific workloads. Maximum performance and
optimized costs.

Energy and Operational Efficiency

Proprietary electrical / mechanical infrastructure designed to waste less power, occupy less space and require less maintenance for the most competitive rates in North America.

colocation services

Rapidly Scalable Capacity

Efficient supply chain management, infrastructure equipment customization and in-house project teams means up to 5MW of capacity delivered
within 60 days.

Resiliency and Security

Data centers deployed with redundant and concurrently maintainable power, cooling, BMS and fiber infrastructure, multi-layer physical security, and state-of-the-art 24/7 compliant security.

Under Our Hood


Reliable, large capacity and highly
scalable renewable power sources served by
medium and high voltage entrances.


Robust concurrently maintainable energy efficient UPS
and generator configuration with no single points of failure, minimum N+1 redundancy and A/B/C distribution.


Highly efficient custom redundant
indirect air cooling system for
industry best PUE in all climates.


Fire protection performed by dry-type
pre-action systems with dual-condition
photoelectric smoke detectors.


Ultra-modern protection via multi-layered physical barriers, dual-factor biometric authentication access control, 24/7 on-site bonded security guards and CCTV surveillance monitored via dedicated security operations centers.


Our data centers can host cutting-edge server and storage technology, up to 40kW+ provisioned racks, liquid-cooled servers and racks, submerged cooling, OCP, and vanity-free racks.

Location, Location, Location

Before securing a future colocation facility, we conduct rigorous assessments to ensure that it meets our strict standards inspired by the largest and most demanding hyperscaler, enterprise, and public sector users. We analyze cost and availability of utility sources, white space capacity, fiber accessibility and diversity, security, and latency between existing Hypertec facilities and major edge sites.


Location: Greater Montreal Area
Status: Sold Out
Capacity Availability: N/A
Utility Load: 15MW
Critical IT Load (Tier III): 10MW


Location: Greater Montreal Area
Status: Colocation Ready
Capacity Availability: Immediate
Utility Load: 65MW
Critical IT Load (Tier III): 35MW*


Location: Greater Montreal Area
Status: Powered Shell
Capacity Availability: Within 180 days
Utility Load: 40MW*
Critical IT Load (Tier III): 26MW*


Location: Greater Trois-Rivières Area
Status: Powered Shell
Capacity Availability: Within 180 days
Utility Load: 50MW*
Critical IT Load (Tier III): 32MW*

* Fully developed