EPEAT – Striving for Sustainable IT

We Manufacture Products that are Eco-Friendly and Minimize Waste

EPEAT is the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector. The EPEAT program provides independent verification of manufacturers’ claims and the EPEAT online Registry lists sustainable products from a broader range of manufacturers than any comparable ecolabel. National governments, including the United States, and thousands of private and public institutional purchasers around the world use EPEAT as part of their sustainable procurement decisions.

The Green Electronics Council (GEC) manages this flagship program, including ensuring the integrity of the EPEAT system. EPEAT is one example of how GEC supports institutional purchasers around the world, fostering a market for sustainable IT products to achieve our mission of a world of only sustainable IT. PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF KEY ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS

Hypertec applies global environmental management by striving for a green, recycling-based and low-carbon culture. We follow an amalgamation of environmental and business processes to preserve and protect the wellbeing of the environment, understanding that it is important to reduce our environmental impact in order for future generations to flourish.

Hypertec’s environmental management system is compliant and certified under the international standards ISO 14001:2015. It also uses and implements other international requirements such as ISO 31000:2018 – Risk management, and as best practices, the 300 Series Environmental (GRI 301: Materials GRI 302: Energy GRI 303: Water, GRI 305: Emissions) to collect, calculate and report relevant and reliable environmental information.

The data disclosed is for Hypertec and was verified by a third-party using a modification of ISO 14001.

GHG Emissions: CO2 (kg)12,85511,9353,635TBC
GHG Emissions: Nox (kg)3.443.141.07TBC
Water Consumption: H2O (m3)40,64229,863TBCTBC
Energy Consumption: Electricity (kWh)62,710,52356,335,90050,072,650TBC

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