Addressing healthcare challenges with
information technology


Populations are aging, and medical facilities are now expected to respond to increased demands for healthcare, all the while operating with limited resources. Modern medical facilities require solutions to reduce their costs of operation and occupancy. IT can improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided to individual patients. However, with the increased need for IT services comes the prioritization of maintaining the security and integrity of patient information, at all times. Without a secure network infrastructure, medical facilities risk being subjected to major data losses or security breaches. Therefore, given the speed at which new technologies evolve, medical institutions have difficulties keeping in touch with the best technological solutions to increase the efficiency of their operations, while preserving the security and confidentiality of their medical data.

Cost-saving technology solutions for healthcare providers

Hypertec provides cost-effective solutions that increase the efficiency of healthcare providers; the technologies we offer allow patients to return home earlier than expected, while still allowing them to keep in touch with their physician. With home health monitoring, physicians can now monitor and assure patient health at a distance, reducing hospital occupancy levels and costs. In emergency facilities and clinics, automated questionnaires allow patients to report their medical history and ailments, providing physicians and nurses with critical information about symptoms from the very start of the consultation. Such technological solutions save medical teams’ precious time when treating each patient. Our IT experts have decades of experience building secure networks that protect sensitive data, so that your institution can benefit from these cutting-edge solutions, while having the peace of mind that your data is protected.

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