A continuous dedication to innovation

In 1986, Robert Ahdoot and his brother David founded Hypertec. Having previously acted as computer consultants, David and Robert had become, by this juncture, resident experts and fully cognizant of the necessary components of a successful computer company. Hypertec Group now boasts over 3,000 customers in industries as diverse as finance, aerospace, automobile, transportation, engineering, pharmaceutical, defense and security.

Through its four distinct strategic units — Hypertec Systems, Hypertec Direct, CIARA and Hypertec BCDR, the Group has become a world leader in the field of information technology due to its winning strategy of research and development, continuous dedication to innovation and employee excellence.

Hypertec Systems was the first division within the group to sell computer products. Its original strategy was to target sizeable corporations with an emerging need to computerize their operations. This sales strategy proved to be incredibly successful as Hypertec Systems quickly established itself as a premier reseller of computer products by gaining the largest financial institutions in Canada as strategic customers.

By the time the PC market began to grow exponentially, Hypertec had already built for itself a stellar reputation in the field of information technology. At this point, Hypertec detected an unexploited niche in the computer market and began manufacturing its own personal computers under an already established company by the name of CIARA.

The marketplace responded with resounding approval to these personal computers which were rapidly seen as formidable competitors to brand name computer solutions, attracting such clients as government agencies, school boards, financial institutions and Fortune 1000 companies.

The Hypertec Group was among the first enterprises to offer clients an all-encompassing turnkey solution of consultation, system design, equipment purchasing, network and configuration centers and after-sales service support.

As the nineties advanced, the market for personal computers became increasingly saturated and the ensuing highly competitive nature of the business served to drive down the prices of computer hardware. As technology was evolving, Hypertec quickly grasped the need to evolve and began coming up with new, innovative and useful solutions. In 2003, CIARA launched a new server line of products together with the VX-Rack, a relatively affordable highly dense super computer utilizing cluster technology. These new offerings induced several government agencies and major corporations to invest in this technology for their computing-intensive applications. The introduction of these products officially launched CIARA into the high performance computing market.

CIARA presently supplies several Fortune 1000 companies. It offers a wide array of critically acclaimed high performance computing products that include high performance blade and rack mountable servers and personal cluster solutions utilizing blade technology to deliver truly powerful workstations.

Following the events of 9/11, Hypertec launched a new division by the name of Hypertec BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery). This division was set up to offer a powerful means of security for businesses’ data and employees to avert a meltdown, should their businesses be interrupted due to unforeseen events such as acts of terrorism, natural disasters, fires, pandemics, strikes and power outages.

In the following years, Hypertec BCDR has built the most sophisticated datacenter in Canada, creating through its partners, the largest combined capacity of disaster recovery capabilities in Canada. Recent legislation has required publicly-traded organizations to develop and maintain in place a viable disaster recovery plan. Hypertec’s significant presence in the Canadian and North American market has resulted in high public exposure for the company. Therefore, it continues to attract attention and now boasts of an enviable customer list consisting of multinational companies among which are pharmaceutical and transport corporations as well as some of the largest Canadian financial institutions and insurance companies.

In 2011, Hypertec made successful inroads into the healthcare industry. Hypertec was selected to be the medical equipment management and distribution service provider for one of the largest home health monitoring programs in Canada, in respect of which it is responsible for inventory management, maintenance and distribution of medical equipment and the resultant installation/training at the home patient level. Hypertec Group has also gained a major foothold in the Canadian healthcare sector for IT products and services, medical record scanning and biomedical equipment services.

The Hypertec Group continues to distinguish itself by diversifying and continuing to innovate in the area of information technology and other related fields. Global corporations entrust us with the task of providing them with innovative solutions adapted to meet their specific business needs. The Hypertec Group has plans to propel its expansion projects and operations into the USA, Latin America and Europe.