Hypertec secures two new facilities in Quebec region for wholesale colocation services

New facilities increase data center site diversification and versatility, expand geographical coverage and ensure additional capacity to support long-term customer growth

Montreal, November 5, 2019 – Hypertec, an end-to-end global provider of wholesale colocation services, technology products and value-added services, announced it has secured two additional properties in Montreal and the Montreal-Quebec City corridor to further expand and support the rapid growth of its wholesale colocation business.

This latest expansion advances Hypertec’s strategy by providing the necessary capacity and site diversity to support the growth of its existing customers in the cloud and communication service, media and entertainment and financial services industries as well as providing future customers with greater capacity and access to all four of Hypertec’s highly versatile, application-optimized, data hall build types:

  • Mission Critical Hyperscale data halls for organizations seeking a resilient, large capacity, rapidly scaling and highly dense secure environment to support their critical cloud service, content delivery, video streaming and ecommerce-based workloads;
  • Mission-Critical Enterprise data halls for private and public sector organizations seeking a resilient, large capacity and secure environment to support their critical technology infrastructure that includes security-sensitive enterprise resource planning (ERP), file storage, email exchange, online applications and database workloads;
  • Rendering and Analytics data halls for organizations seeking a large capacity, rapidly scaling and highly dense and secure environment to support video CPU and GPU rendering, and artificial intelligence workloads; and,
  • Data Center Laboratory data halls for organizations seeking a large capacity, highly dense and secure environment to support their development, test and laboratory workloads.

The two facilities were strategically chosen for their white space capacity, power availability and fiber diversity as well as their security. The first property, YUL02, is located near the existing Hypertec Montreal West Island campus and the second property, YUL03, is situated in the Montreal-Quebec City corridor. Once fully developed, YUL02 and YUL03 will have critical load capacities of 26MW and 32MW, respectively, increasing Hypertec’s fully developed critical load capacity to a total of 103MW for the region of Quebec. The Company recently announced its plan to ramp up the two-facility YUL01 campus to 45MW of critical load.

“With today’s announcement Hypertec will be positioned to build the strongest and most versatile colocation platform in the fast growing Quebec region,” said Jonathan Ahdoot, Hypertec Chief Commercial Officer and Colocation Business Unit Leader. “We will be positioned to quickly ramp up significant additional new capacity and increase site diversification as required to meet evolving customer needs, while leveraging our unique design technology to provide tailored and optimized solutions for all of our individual customers.”


About Hypertec

Hypertec is a large and rapidly growing global provider of innovative information technology solutions.

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Hypertec offers a wide range of technology products and services, which are trusted by cloud and communication service providers, organizations in the financial services, media and public sector industries as well as other industries where cutting-edge technology solutions are critical to our customers’ success.

Our range of products and services includes wholesale data center colocation services, our own designed and manufactured application optimized CIARA servers, storage and personal computing products, partner hardware and software products, home health monitoring support services as well as a full range of complementary value added services.

With thousands of customers located in every major continent, the Hypertec and CIARA brand names are recognized for consistent and reliable quality and innovation which are supported by our commitment to R&D and to long-term collaborative relationships with our customers and partners.

For more information please visit: www.hypertec.com.


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+1 514 745 4540   ext. 5706

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