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Creativity – Render It Beautiful

Let’s Get Creative – get all the hardware your visual artists need to be the real super heroes. Hypertec works with leading creative studios to deliver custom and maxed out solutions: workstations, rackmount servers and a deep range of high performance storage solutions. So be it for AR/VR, film, animation, 4K, 8K, Hypertec helps you spend less time rendering, iterate faster, perfect your content and, most of all, take on even more projects, sooner.

Media Delivery – From Source to Multiscreen

It’s a Video World – to effectively stream the escalating volume of OTT media and broadcasted live video is an ever-shifting challenge for service providers everywhere. It requires vision, experience, and, most of all, cost-efficiently delivered at scale. Hypertec delivers end-to-end video infrastructure solutions from SDI acquisition and transcoding to packaging and CDN edge storage deployments.

Hypertec Solutions for Video Workflows

We Care About the Business of Your Media – Creation, Delivery, Colocation

Superior Graphics

Modeling and Animation

Simulations (FX)


Interactive and Real Time

End-to-End IP Video Infrastructure

SDI Acquisition

DRM and Ad Insertion

Scalable Encode, Decode, Transcode


Core and Edge Storage

Your Media, Hypertec Colocation

Virtualized Workstations

Render Farms

Transcode Offload

Core to Edge Solutions