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Budget-Friendly and Reliable IT Solutions for Public Sector

Hypertec’s budget-friendly solutions deliver the perfect balance of performance and reliability required to drive productivity in your workplace. Whether you need cost-effective desktops for everyday tasks, high-performance workstations for computer-aided design and engineering, energy-efficient rackmount servers and storage for your data center. Hypertec has a platform to meet your specific needs.

We provide full turnkey IT solutions to fit your unique requirements that fit within your budget. Our team of certified technicians handle it from start to finish.

Secure & Scalable IT Solutions for Government

For more than a decade, Hypertec has been a key supplier to government agencies across Canada and USA. The relationship between Hypertec and the federal, provincial and state governments has been built by means of the invaluable support provided by Hypertec’s numerous strategic partners including its sister company, CIARA as well as by Hypertec’s commitment to provide the highest quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

Hypertec provides the following advantages to government organizations:

  1. Dedicated federal, provincial and state government account representatives across the country;
  2. Unique standing offer of CIARA products that provides for increased customization and flexibility to add optional products to the mix;
  3. Availability of service technicians and technical staff throughout the country to provide fast and efficient repair services;
  4. Authorized reseller on most of the information technology standing offers;
  5. Thorough understanding of the procurement process and the facility to provide efficient responses to inquiries;
  6. Highly experienced staff in dealing with the government standing offer processes.
  7. Offering individual and bulk packaging methods for all PC systems purchased by the institutional clients. For more information related to the bulk packaging policy, visit the CIARA Extranet.

National Master Standing Offer

NMSO Authorized Reseller

General Inquiries

TF: 1.866.745.5999
T: 1.514.764.6864

Web Portal

State and Local Government Contracts (SLED)

NASPO ValuePoint Authorized Reseller

General Inquiries

TF: 1.844.231.1277
T: 1.480.626.9000

Web Portal

Quebec Standing Offer

CAGQ Authorized Reseller

General Inquiries

TF: 1.866.745.5999
T: 1.418.683.2192

Web Portal

Affordable Technology for Education & Research Institutions

Hypertec has decades of experience providing cost-effective, advanced IT solutions for educational institutions. We use technology to help connect students to teachers across the globe. Our solutions resolve the issues faced by schools seeking to be at the cutting edge of education technology. Our expertise spans from connecting student’s personal devices into interactive classrooms to optimizing network infrastructure for security and access control. Be it a private school looking to replace laboratory workstations or a University looking to do a complete storage infrastructure overhaul, we strive to make available to educators the best of what modern technology has to offer.

We provide full turnkey solutions for your next IT acquisition cycle and we will accommodate our services to fit your unique requirements. Installation, multiple service level support, asset disposition and everything in between, our team of certified technicians handle it from start to finish.

Public Sector Education


Cost-Effective & Secure IT Solutions for Public Security

React, Respond, Prevent – public utility and security law enforcement is changing dramatically in a digital-first world. Accurate data needs to be accessed anywhere in real-time, live video needs to be streamed or captured without fail, and collaborative communications needs to be safe and efficient. It is all about responding the right way at the right time – where it matters most.

Hypertec is a leading integrator of Panasonic connected vehicle IT equipment, video recording devices, and software, specifically designed for police vehicles and industrial public utility environments. All installations are fast, secure, ergonomic, long-lasting, and can be configured for any networking set-up (CAN, LAN, WAN, WWAN).

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