Industry leading quality management

Hypertec has always strived to differentiate itself from the competition on the basis of the quality of its products and services. In fact, Hypertec Quality Management System processes are applied to each and every business unit’s products and services. This commitment to quality has been the predominant factor in its high customer satisfaction and has contributed significantly to its success over the years. Hypertec attributes a very high importance to its quality assurance and has incorporated internal and external quality auditing practices not only to preserve but also to continuously improve its processes.

Furthermore, from an internal quality auditing perspective, Hypertec has an independent department dedicated exclusively to ensuring the grade of its products and services and environmental practices. The quality department oversees quality assurance, internal process controls as well as customer and supplier contract compliance in each Hypertec business unit and furthermore performs periodic internal audits on both the Hypertec Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems. This department is also responsible for the continuous improvement of processes related to these systems as well as for the total satisfaction of Hypertec customers. In addition, in order to guarantee complete objectivity and support, the quality department reports directly to the executive management of Hypertec.

From an external quality auditing perspective, Hypertec is audited annually by independent outside entities in order to maintain its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications. These annual audits serve both to validate and confirm that Hypertec’s processes are continuously updated in conformity with the highest international standards.