Server Rack

Accelerate and Save on Your Server and
Storage Rack Deployments

Hypertec offers SLA backed 24/7/365 individual or multi-rack turnkey data center deployment services whereby Hypertec will rack and stack or install already populated racks within the customer assigned data center space.

Our certified technicians will first un-package, assemble and test your servers and storage in a secure staging area. They will then structure your power and network cabling to your specific requirements within the data center space and test them for quality control. If the quality inspection passes, the team will connect the power to the racks and configure the network devices based upon your pre-established settings.

By offering both the colocation services and deployment services, Hypertec eliminates the inefficiencies of handoffs between multiple vendors and controls the deployment from the initial planning and scheduling to the actual execution of work on the date of deployment. This effectively reduces not only your coordination effort but the cost and time of the deployment itself.

Reduce Cost and Time with
Hypertec Rack Deployment Services


Our deployment services are offered around the clock; every day of the week for easy secure accessibility.

Custom Rack

We can deploy any type of rack design including generic, white label, ultra-high density, OCP and water-cooled. We can designed and customize racks to your specific requirements.

server rack installation

Reduce Cost &
Time to Deploy

We have control over the scheduling and execution of the deployment, which ultimately reduces the cost and time to deploy.


With over 30 years of experience in the field, we carefully handle your critical equipment and make sure it’s up and running quickly.