Hypertec provides Scalable and Cost-Effective Solutions for Cloud Providers, Service Providers and Organizations utilizing Hyperscale Computing

The cloud has taken the IT world by storm. What formerly was viewed as a huge stretch of the imagination is now placed front and center on the list of imminent projects to be immediately implemented by business leaders. Businesses are continuously seeking ways to cut costs and increase employee efficiency by outsourcing the management of their IT infrastructure to more specialized teams. As a result, cloud providers have responded to this demand by providing software and hardware that can be accessed both online and on-demand. In order to be responsive in this manner, the providers require their services and the infrastructure that supports them to be secure, reliable, cost-effective and flexible such that they meet not only the growing needs of their customers, but of their bottom line as well.

Backed by more than 30 years designing, manufacturing, deploying and supporting leading edge servers and storage, by 10 years of building and operating first-class data centers and additionally by 7 years of supplying some of the world’s largest hyperscale computing companies, Hypertec has experienced this growth firsthand and consequently has modelled much of its product and service offerings specifically with the fastest growing service and cloud providers in mind. We have developed a complete hardware lifecycle management solution that reduces not only the cost of acquiring, deploying and managing large scale server and storage infrastructure but also the time required to deploy said infrastructure. This model allows service providers to make their compute and storage capacity available to their customers sooner and more efficiently, thereby ultimately contributing to a greater bottom line.

IT Solutions for Service Providers

  • Energy efficient and cost effective customized servers and storage
  • Large scale rack integration (“Rack and Stack”) services
  • Multi-site rack deployment (“Rack and Roll”) services
  • Scalable, energy efficient and reliable colocation services
  • 24/7 on-site hardware support services
  • Mass IT asset disposition services

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