Telehealth Services

Reduce Hospital Occupancy with Telehealth

Telehealth is the use of IT and telecommunications to remotely monitor the health of patients in their homes. It provides considerable benefits such as improved patient outcomes, reduced long-term cost of care and hospital readmission rates. Hypertec has a major footprint in the North American healthcare sector as a supplier of computer equipment and healthcare IT services to medical facilities. Backed by a professional team of certified technicians, our goals are to meet the needs of challenging medical facility environments by being both flexible and qualified to provide the best quality services at competitive rates.

What we offer:

  • Asset Management & Logistics
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling
  • Custom Kit Assembly & Installation
  • Service Calls, Kit Replacements & Retrievals
  • Web Portal (Order, Inventory & Patient Tracking)
  • Certified Trained Technicians & Warranty Management
  • North American Call Center & Dedicated Support Team

Innovative Telemedicine Technology for Healthcare Providers

Logistics and

We offer flexible end-to-end solutions for home healthcare so you can focus on your patients while we handle the rest.

Real-Time Asset and
Deployment Reporting

See where your assets are stored and deployed in real-time on your web portal. Our customized reports simplify your day-to-day management and help streamline operations.

telehealth services

Secure Patient

Our solutions comply with current FDA, ISO, HIPAA, and Canada Health requirements for data security and patient health information privacy.

Support Team

Our dedicated support team and call center are available at all times to help you with any questions or issues that you may have.

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