Hypertec High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solution Helps a Top Academic Institution Establish an Environment for World-Class Research

How Our CIARA Servers Guarantee that Members of Compute Canada Feel Safe with Their Research Data

SHARCNET, the Shared Hierarchical Research Computing Network, a member of Compute
and Compute Ontario, includes a total of 19 academic partner institutions around Ontario. It shares the vision of many researchers who have the goal to build a world-class high performance computing environment in order to keep up with their ever-growing research demands.

The Power Behind the SIEM Solution

SHARCNET uses Zeek to monitor network data flows in/out of their data center with a high performance server. The data gets pushed into Elasticsearch which monitors suspicious activity.

This requires enough computing power to watch 100GB of data flow into the data centre.

A single-socket solution to provide a good data path from the network card, to the CPU, and out to the memory is also required for success.

That’s where our servers come in to play!

“For a project like ours, having the ability to customize, which
Hypertec offers, is very important. To get this to work at our scale,
we have to make sure that the components are all well designed
and well matched. But we don’t always need customizations.
When deploying the 100+ node cluster, because we use such a
wide range of workflows it would be hard to customize. One might
be memory bandwidth limited, while another one might be core
clock limited, so we also need the flexibility of a more general solution.”

– John Morton – Director of Technology SHARCNET

A Solution That Works for You

Hypertec offers the best solution for you! We can customize at scale, but also provide a more general solution if all clusters require less modifications. We work with you to justify your purchase every step of the way!


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