High Performance Workstations

Optimized KRONOS Workstations for
CAD and Digital Rendering

We offer high performance workstations that maximize your digital manufacturing and content creation project as well as reduce your time to market. Our KRONOS product line is optimized to meet your most demanding CAD, CAE, 3D workflow requirements including modeling, texturing, animation, visual effects, simulation and rendering.

KRONOS Workstations Do All the Heavy Lifting

CIARA KRONOS high performance workstations are built with the latest technologies across all components fields including GPUs, CPUs, memory, storage and liquid cooling. Our systems are safely overclocked and fine-tuned by our dedicated performance engineering team to achieve maximum workflow performance with unprecedented stability. Our workstations do all the heavy rendering and general purpose computing so you have more time to create, design, polish and complete your projects on time.

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Digital Manufacturing


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