Hypertec Launches New CIARA TRIDENT Product Line Custom Designed for Immersion Cooling Technology

Innovative, sustainable and high-density customizable turnkey immersion solutions.

Montréal, Quebec, February 23, 2022 — The Hypertec Group (“Hypertec”), a global provider of information technology products and services, proudly launched today a major and innovative product line, CIARA TRIDENT, adding to its already extensive portfolio of high-performance technology products and solutions. This important technological breakthrough results in the first and only fully customizable server and storage product line in the market that is purpose-built and optimized for immersion cooling technology and paves the way toward a new and greener industry standard.

With the launch of the CIARA TRIDENT product line and complementary immersion adapted planning, installation, support, and asset disposition services, Hypertec makes cutting-edge and sustainable cooling solutions more accessible and far less challenging to adopt for customers seeking to increase the performance and density of their compute and storage infrastructure while reducing their carbon footprint. Large end markets for Hypertec’s new technology include financial services companies, hyperscalers, and government departments such as defense, and research and education.

“The launch of this revolutionary product line and complementary services are an important milestone in our vision to facilitate the adoption of sustainable hardware solutions and make the technology industry greener. Not only will our new CIARA TRIDENT product line deliver industry-leading performance, density and scalability, it will do so affordably and, most importantly, offer best-in-class sustainability by significantly reducing the power and cooling requirements of our customers’ compute and storage workloads.” said Jonathan Ahdoot, President of Hypertec HTS.

Saving Money. Increasing Performance. Helping the Environment.

Truly respectful of the environment, CIARA TRIDENT is the preferred sustainable solution for the technology industry. The CIARA TRIDENT suite of products offers unrivalled benefits from a sustainability, performance, and cost perspective:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly solution: CIARA TRIDENT is specifically designed and manufactured for optimized liquid flow within single-phase immersion cooling which both decreases energy consumption, decreases water consumption, and maximizes heat capture leading to a reduction in carbon emissions by up to 40%. In addition, Hypertec will be using recycled materials to build the next generation CIARA TRIDENT systems starting in Q4 2022 further reducing carbon footprint;
  • Ultimate performance and density: industry-leading performance and density (up to 240 CPU per 42U tank/pod);
  • Cost-effective: reduces compute and storage total cost of ownership by up to 33%;
  • Complete suite of products specifically designed for immersion: CIARA TRIDENT portfolio will include a full spectrum of immersion ready servers and storage including standard AC and OCP-based solutions that fit both 19” and 21’’ submerged tank and pod vendors;
  • End-to-end turnkey solution: to facilitate the adoption of sustainable immersion solutions for its current and future customers, Hypertec will be the first provider to offer its immersion ready products with a full suite of value-added deployment and lifecycle services including site assessment, site planning, on-site installation, comprehensive warranty support service options and asset disposition services.

The CIARA TRIDENT HX series is available for purchase today. The CIARA TRIDENT iHX series will be available to customers worldwide in Q2 2022.

To discover all the existing and upcoming features and benefits of the CIARA TRIDENT product line, visit
hypertec.com/immersion-cooling today.

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