Hypertec Announces Strategic Alliance with Adacen

Montreal, Quebec, February 21, 2022 – Hypertec, a global provider of information technology products and services, has announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Adacen, a mission critical data resiliency provider, to bring to market Hypertec’s new server and storage product line custom designed for immersion cooling, CIARA TRIDENT within Adacen’s Data Oasis facilities.

While Adacen’s Data Oasis facilities are specifically designed to support the United States Government and US-owned organizations that are critical to the continuity of society including government, defense, infrastructure, health care and transportation, Hypertec’s CIARA TRIDENT sustainable server and storage solutions are custom designed to both optimize the performance and reduce the carbon emissions related to government, education and defense workloads. Furthermore, to make sustainable compute and storage workloads more accessible, Hypertec offers a full suite of value added deployment and lifecycle services for its server and storage solutions including site assessment, site planning, on-site installation, comprehensive warranty support service options and asset disposition services. As such, the strategic alliance between Hypertec and Adacen, will offer its broader customer base in the US federal government an unrivalled end-to-end solution optimized for their workload needs that is best in-class for performance and cost-effective while significantly reducing its impact on the environment.

To discover all the existing and upcoming features and benefits of the CIARA TRIDENT product line, visit hypertec.com/immersion-cooling today.

About Hypertec
Founded in 1984, Hypertec is a global technology provider, offering a wide range of cutting-edge infrastructure technology products and services and trusted by leading cloud, communication, financial services, media and entertainment, healthcare and public sector organizations. Deploying to customers in more than 80 countries worldwide, Hypertec has the unique ability to rapidly deliver innovative, scalable, tailored technology solutions that are true to its reputation for quality and reliability. For more information please visit: www.hypertec.com

About Adacen
Adacen, Inc. is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based data center developer and operator, focused on next generation resiliency and operational capabilities. Adacen has embraced an all-immersion data center environment enabling superior cost savings, massive water savings and a minimal floor space footprint when compared to legacy data centers. For further information, please visit www.adacen.com.

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