Hypertec Launches the CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6: The World’s First and Only Immersion-Born Storage Server  

Nearly 1 Petabyte of hot-swappable, lightning-fast NVMe drives in a 1U form factor. 

Montreal, Canada – February 28, 2024Hypertec, a leading innovation manufacturer in sustainable technology solutions, unveils its new CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6 immersion-born storage server. This versatile solution empowers financial institutions, academic research centers, and organizations handling extensive data sets to conquer critical storage challenges. True to its DNA, Hypertec continues to lead the way by expanding its immersion-born lineup, establishing itself as the sole provider of true native immersion cooling servers.  

Modern operational demands, including substantial data volumes, data integrity, collaboration, and interdisciplinary research, require high-speed, high-density storage closer to the data source. The CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6 server enables financial and academic clients to conquer these challenges, boosting storage performance, scalability, and data agility. 

The new CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6 server, specifically crafted for demanding workloads, boasts these unique key features and added-value benefits:  

  • Immersion-born: 1U chassis for enhanced cooling and efficiency. 
  • Unmatched performance: 
    • Nearly 1 Petabyte of NVMe storage for advanced memory and storage capacity. 
    • 16 hot-swappable NVMe drives adapting to changing needs and growth. 
    • AMD EPYC 9004 Processor with up to 400W TDP, available now. 
  • Scalable architecture: Designed for agility, simplicity, and reliability. 
  • Effortless maintenance: Top-mounted PCIe slots, drives, and motherboard I/O for easy access. 
  • Faster data transfer: Peak performance and accelerated time to revenue.  

The iS515R-G6 also stands out for its offline independence, making it an ideal choice for edge environments or for a lights out data center. Its ultra-fast storage enables seamless local access and analysis of information, ensuring critical operations run smoothly even during central network disconnections, enhancing resilience in the face of unpredictable connectivity disruptions. 

“With our CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6 immersion-born server, we’re pioneering the future of immersion cooling,” said Robert Haffner, Senior Product Manager at Hypertec HTS. “This innovative solution not only addresses critical needs in high-density storage but also exemplifies Hypertec’s commitment to continuously push boundaries. By supporting the latest generation of AMD EPYC9004 CPUs and accommodating both E1.S and E1.L drives, the iS515R-G6 establishes a new industry standard for enterprise applications, data centers, hyperscalers, and hyperconverged systems. It is not just a solution; it’s a customer-focused innovation that is leading the way for industry transformation.”  

Break through data barriers and empower innovation with the CIARA TRIDENT iS515R-G6 immersion-born server.
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For more information about Hypertec’s immersion cooling technology, visit: https://hypertec.com/immersion-cooling/  


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