Hypertec Wins Best Intel Strategic OEM Partner in Canada Award

Recognized for pioneering sustainable immersion technology at Intel Vision in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 9th. 

Montréal, Quebec, Canada – April 16, 2024 – Hypertec continues to be recognized for its innovative work in sustainable computing. We were recently named Best Strategic OEM Partner in Canada by Intel as part of their 2024 Americas Partner Awards. This accolade underscores our ongoing commitment to driving innovation in the sustainable compute space.  

This achievement is a direct result of Hypertec’s innovative immersion-cooled platform, TRIDENT, which has fueled a remarkable 153% year-over-year growth.  Powered by 4th and 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors, our TRIDENT servers enable customers to embrace next-generation AI capabilities while minimizing environmental impact and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Leading the Way in Sustainable, High-Performance Computing   

Hypertec maintains a close partnership with Intel to bring cutting-edge processors and accelerators to life in liquid- and immersion-cooled environments. This focus aligns perfectly with the evolving demands of AI, allowing us to deliver high-performance solutions while mitigating environmental footprint.  

The Intel Partner Alliance Advantage  

The Intel Partner Alliance awards recognize member companies that excel in leveraging Intel’s technology to deliver groundbreaking AI solutions. These awards celebrate exceptional achievements in:  

  • Technology Innovation: Develop best-in-class solutions to tackle AI’s ever-growing compute needs.  
  • Market Acceleration: Deliver the best value proposition through innovative marketing strategies.  
  • Customer Focus:Demonstrate ongoing commitment to customer success by collaborating across channels.  


Why This Matters  

Winning companies are at the forefront of innovation. Our close collaboration with Intel allows us to establish ourselves as pioneers in sustainable, high-performance computing. This prestigious award signifies our dedication to pushing boundaries and building a stronger, more sustainable future.  

“Together with our long-standing partner, Intel, we are unlocking the full potential of technology for our North American customers. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge solutions, we’re creating a win-win for businesses and the environment,” said Simon Ahdoot, President of Hardware Technical Solutions (HTS) at Hypertec.  


Looking Ahead  

Our team is inspired by this recognition and remains committed to its successful long-standing partnership with Intel. We are eager to continue developing groundbreaking solutions that empower our customers and propel the future of AI.  

Click here to read Intel’s Newsroom article for more details. 


About Hypertec
Founded in 1984, Hypertec is an award-winning global technology provider offering a wide range of cutting-edge products and services with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Trusted by industry leaders in the cloud, communication, financial services, energy, media and entertainment, healthcare, and public sectors, Hypertec serves clients in over 80 countries worldwide. The company has earned international recognition for its sustainability leadership and innovative manufacturing practices. For more information, visit: https://hypertec.com/ 


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