Information and communication technology (ICT) have always played a prominent role in universities and research centers. Today, ICT is essential for day-to-day operations and in teaching and research.

Why should Canadian Universities Choose a Canadian PC Manufacturer?

Successful university research requires:

  • The right hardware configuration from custom systems adapted for specific research goals;
  • Local support to ensure system uptime;
  • Prompt warranty claims, if required.

Choosing to work with a Canadian IT vendor is an efficient and cost-effective way to meet those needs.

Many Canadian universities and research centers are opting for servers, workstations and software sourced from overseas. This decision – often taken without full consideration – is not without consequence for the Canadian economy, intellectual property, and data security.

The advantages of choosing a Canadian OEM

Canadian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are often neglected in favor of foreign companies, mostly American and Chinese, whose names evoke success and greatness.
However, in recent years, some disappointments caused by security breaches or breaches of trust in these large companies are encouraging customers to look for alternatives. This is where Canadian OEMs come in.

Here are some of the benefits of buying locally.

1. Protection of Canadian Intellectual Property

In exchange for ICT products and services, as well as competitive compensation, university researchers are systematically selling huge shares of their intellectual property rights to foreign multinationals. In a recent article, the Financial Post reported that in 2016, 58% of patents issued to Canadian inventors were sold to companies located in other countries. This is a rising trend: ten years earlier the proportion was 45%.

By working with Canadian companies, universities and research groups ensure that they are part of the country’s advancements in research and development. They allow Canadian industries and the public sector to benefit from their research results, and contribute to the Canadian economy.

2. Local and effective support

The majority of ICT providers are based in the United States or China and often only offer a minimal presence in Canada. Canadian companies have the advantage of being closer to their customers. For example, Hypertec’s head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, and the company has facilities and highly qualified personnel in several Canadian cities, including the Greater Toronto Area. This proximity provides easy and quick access to support and avoids extended interruptions to research projects from being interrupted for a long period of time.

3. IT systems and solutions adapted to the needs of researchers

Multinationals generally offer only a fixed number of server configurations that they hope will meet the needs of all their customers.  Hypertec is a Canadian OEM specializing in the educational sector and tailors its products and services to the demanding requirements of researchers and academics. It can provide more than a hundred different configurations to ensure the hardware is optimized for specific applications.

4. Data security

University data repositories contain a large amount of personal information about active students, candidates, graduates, staff, and results and data collected from research activities. Therefore, they are a prime target for hackers who are intent on identity and data theft.

In the past, some US companies have made headlines for selling data to third-party companies or political parties so that they can better target their target audience or their possible voters.

Hypertec Data Centers located in Canada ensure the integrity of your critical infrastructure and data through state-of-the-art technology and active monitoring.

A Canadian alternative of choice

 source: CIARA Technologies Youtube Channel

Today, universities and research centers wishing to protect Canadian intellectual property can turn to cutting-edge Canadian technologies.

With its CIARA brand, Hypertec is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of IT equipment in the country. We offer a competitive quality of service to that of the biggest names in the field of technology, coupled with efficient and fast local support.

Hypertec and CIARA are more than just high-performance servers and storage. We offer a full complement end-to-end solutions – design, integration, deployment, security, support, and recycling – all of which can be customized to suit your needs now and in the future. 

Feel free to contact one of our Hypertec representatives today to discuss the benefits that your university or research center could provide.

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