Speed and the world of finance go hand in hand. For commercial banking, day trading, investment or electronic trading, the main enemy is the turnaround time of transactions. To remain among the most competitive, financial services companies must be able to rely on a high-performance computing infrastructure including low-latency overclocked high frequency trading servers to stay in the game.

Low Latency Servers for High Frequency Trading

Products and solutions for high frequency transactions

While needing the lowest latency is of particular importance in the financial sector in general, it is absolutely essential to the performance of stock markets. Mainly in relation to high frequency trading (HFT), where everything is a matter of nanoseconds. HFT, a type of trading based on mathematical algorithms, runs at a speed that only a computer can perform. One thousand times faster than the traditional stock trading method, it requires computer systems with a higher power of analysis and computation.

CIARA is a world leader in the field of high frequency infrastructure. Its range of low-latency IT solutions for financial markets – and particularly for HFT – offers high-performance workstations and scalable, high-performance servers. Its state-of-the-art systems with an IT platform tailored to financial services allow for up to 60% faster trading.

Tick-to-trade – essential measure of performance in 2019

Since in the world of HFT everything happens at blazing speed, the slightest delay can make the difference between a profit and a loss. But we must understand the concept of delay and identify the source in order to eliminate the problem and remain competitive.

This interval of time between the signal indicating a movement on the market and the decision to buy or sell is called tick-to-trade. This measure provides a better understanding of system performance and provides a more comprehensive picture of latency. By identifying where the delays come from, it is possible to put in place measures to improve the infrastructure.

 Source: Solarflare, YouTube

Overclocked servers and increased profits

CIARA’s high-performance ORION HF210-G5ORION HF310-G4 and ORION HF610T-G4 low-latency servers, specifically designed for high-frequency transactions, reduce tick-to-trade delays. In the context where every nanosecond counts, these ultra-powerful servers become indispensable to increase profits.

CIARA’s high-performance servers are particularly distinguished by their overclocking. Their processors operate at a higher clock rate, ranging from 4.1 to 5.0 GHz, which improves performance and reduces latency.


Let’s recall that the key in high frequency trading lies in low latency and increased processing speed. Procuring reliable and powerful computers and servers is critical to survive in this industry and to outperform the competition.

The phrase “time is money” has never been so true!

To be on the cutting edge and maximize your profits, be sure to choose high quality servers. To learn more about the IT infrastructure that HFT requires, contact one of our experts.

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