IT Maintenance

Global Certified Hardware Support Services

As part of its after-sales support, Hypertec offers a wide diversity of technical hardware support services to increase the availability of your IT infrastructure. Our services include depot repair services, ad hoc repair services, contract-based service agreements and on-site services.

With available on-site technicians that are fully certified by all of the major software and hardware vendors, you can feel at ease knowing that your IT equipment will be supported throughout its lifecycle. In addition, with state-of-the-art allowed service centers that are accredited by the leading manufacturers to provide comprehensive warranty and non-warranty maintenance support which maintain a huge replacement parts inventory within adjacent dedicated secure storage spaces, we can effectively decrease the resolution times and increase the uptime of your critical and non-critical IT infrastructure.

What we offer:

  • Global Service Network & Spare Parts Inventory
  • Certified On-Site Repair, Depot Repair & Ad Hoc Repair Services
  • Contract-Based Service Agreements
  • Dedicated Customer Web Portals
  • Response Times in as Short as 1 Hour
  • 3 and 4 PL Capabilities
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Compliant

Support You Need When You Require It Most

On-Site Certified

Our hardware support technicians are certified by all of our major hardware vendors and are ready to respond.

Large Global Inventory
of Spare Parts

Store and manage your spare parts inventory for your systems to further minimize resolution time in the event of a hardware malfunction.

IT Maintenance Services

Response Times

The combination of on-site service technicians and our large inventory of spare parts render us capable of providing SLA-backed response times as fast as 15 minutes.

Maximum Business

We can mitigate the risk of downtime linked to hardware malfunctions and maximize the availability of your IT infrastructure.

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