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Minimize Your ITAD Risk and Maximize Your Budget

Hypertec offers secure and certified IT asset disposition (ITAD). Let our experience ITAD team help simplify the process so you can increase the value of your IT equipment and put money back into your IT budget. From guaranteed data destruction to serialized tracking to asset remarketing, Hypertec will customize its ITAD services to meet your business requirements.

What we offer:

  • Secure Logistics & Data Destruction
  • Hardware Testing & Sanitization
  • IT Asset Remarketing & Certified Recycling
  • Inventory Stocking & Asset Reporting

Hypertec IT Asset Disposition Services

Data Destruction

Protect your sensitive information. Hypertec ensures all memory storage moduless and hard drives are completely erased or destroyed.

IT Asset

Generate a new revenue stream while maintaining information privacy for your laptops, servers, desktops, and other devices.



Hypertec is e-waste certified, and follows the strictest guidelines including a no-landfill policy. Our entire recycling process is audited.


Feel at ease. We offer peace of mind with secure transportation, warehousing, and processing of your obsolete IT hardware.

ITAD - IT asset disposition Diagram

Hypertec Recycling Program

Hypertec’s comprehensive recycling program accepts rechargeable batteries and outdated IT hardware for recycling and disposal. We work with multiple recycling companies to ensure that all salvageable components and metals are reused and recycled in an effort to continue the advancement of green initiatives.

There is no fee associated with our standard recycling program. If you require additional services such as certificate of destruction or the physical destruction of a component, then service charges will apply. Contact Hypertec with your equipment list and a description of your requirements. We will prepare a quote and return it to you along with the terms and conditions associated with the services you need. To begin the process, simply send a purchase order to us accompanied by a detailed list of all the items to be recycled or destroyed. Send your securely packed shipment (FOB Tempe or FOB Montreal) to one of our depot locations below:

  • For clients in The United States of America – 1868 E Broadway Road, Tempe Arizona, 85282
  • For clients in Canada – 9300 TransCanada Highway, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4S 1K5

Your Hypertec account executive will be pleased to prepare a quote for you. If you do not know the name of your account executive or are a new Hypertec customer, please contact us and a representative will contact you in next 24 hours.

Battery End-of-life Disposal Program

Hypertec Laptop Battery Recycling Program



At Hypertec, we prioritize environmentally responsible practices, exemplifying our commitment through a strategic partnership with the Call2Recycle program. This collaboration facilitates the seamless recycling of batteries associated with CIARA products, encompassing lithium-ion batteries found in laptops and lead-acid batteries present in uninterruptible power supplies, within the United States and Canada.

Our customers can conveniently recycle rechargeable batteries at any of Call2Recycle’s expansive network of over 30,000 drop-off locations throughout the US and Canada, all without incurring any costs. This initiative aligns with our dedication to promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly future. By participating in this program, you actively contribute to the responsible disposal of used batteries, fostering a cleaner and greener environment.

To locate a nearby battery recycling facility and gain comprehensive insights into the Call2Recycle program, we encourage you to visit

Under Warranty CIARA Laptop Battery Replacement

Should you find the need to replace your CIARA laptop battery, rest assured that all notebook batteries are replaceable. For assistance with this matter, please reach out to our support team at

We are dedicated to ensuring the seamless functionality of your devices and are readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Out of Warranty CIARA Laptop Battery Replacement Program

At present, CIARA Laptops offer battery replacements without any associated fees. For comprehensive details regarding this program, including information about covered products and the process to avail this service, please reach out to our support team at

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