Immersion Servers

Designed and Optimized for Immersion Cooling Technology

The first product in the market purposely built and optimized for single-phase liquid immersion with sustainability in mind, our CIARA TRIDENT immersion servers offer unprecedented ultra-high density compute performance with up to 288 CPUs per 48U (144 nodes/18,432 cores). They are engineered to accommodate any next-gen CPU, GPU and FPGA cards. And with our turbo-locked features, we guarantee superior performance, without sacrificing reliability or hardware lifespan.

Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs with Our Reliable and Scalable Servers

The versatile and highly reliable ORION Rack Server product line is built with the latest technology to guarantee compatibility, and a balance of storage capacity, processing power, and cost efficiency. The security will provide you with peace of mind along with unprecedented reliability. It is ideal for SMBs, enterprises, cloud service providers and data centers.

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Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs with Our Immersion Cooling Servers

By investing in an immersion cooling solution you are reducing your carbon footprint by consuming less energy. However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on performance. With our new TRIDENT server line, purposely optimized for a more sustainable liquid cooling solution, you will be able to harness more computing power than ever before while increasing your efficiency and lowering your CAPEX and OPEX by up to 50%.

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